Graduate Programs

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In addition to our acclaimed DDS program, postgraduate clinical training programs, and programs for international dentists, the UCLA School of Dentistry also offers several graduate degree programs for those candidates interested in pursuing careers in academic dentistry or research.

Our Master of Science (MS) degree and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, both specializing in Oral Biology, are some of the most competitive in the country. These programs accept, on average, 12 to 15 Master’s students and 3 doctoral students per year for the coveted slots.

Students are mentored by world-renowned faculty members in the oral biology research field, who supervise and guide them throughout the duration of the programs. With this exposure to cutting-edge research at UCLA Dentistry, students have the ability to pursue subject matter that no other program can offer.

UCLA Dentistry is one of only a few dental schools in the nation to offer Master’s and PhD degrees in Oral Biology.

Combined Degree Programs

We also offer a unique combined DDS/PhD program for dental students seeking a career in academics. The program allows a candidate to earn both a DDS degree and a PhD in Oral Biology in only seven years.

For a select group, our new Dental Specialty/PhD degree program (link to page) offers graduates dual training in a clinical specialty, plus rigorous scientific research training, earning a specialty certificate plus a PhD degree.

For candidates interested in a shorter program and introductory overview of oral biology, we offer a Preceptorship program, with specializations in the health sciences, which lasts for three quarters.

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