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Developing Future Leaders in Dentistry

We’re not simply training future dentists; we’re preparing exceptional students to become leaders in the field. The UCLA School of Dentistry’s world-class reputation is built upon our excellent educational programs and internationally recognized faculty.

For those individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree and want to pursue a career in dentistry and oral health, we have our 4-year Doctor of Dental Surgery program.


Ranked among the top five dental schools in the world.


accredited postgraduate training programs

Students and resident in different at different settings.
Students and resident in different at different settings.

Postgraduate Training Programs

Dentists looking to advance their skills can add to their training through our 13 accredited residency programs.

Programs for International Dentists

For foreign-trained dentists looking to apply to our Professional Program for International Dentists to earn a U.S. accredited DDS degree, or one of several other opportunities, including our Advanced Clinical Training Programs, Preceptorships, and Residency Programs for foreign-trained dentists.

Graduate Programs

Dental school graduates can pursue dual training in a clinical specialty plus rigorous scientific research training, in our new Dental Specialty/PhD degree program. DDS holders interested in oral health research can pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Oral Biology. We also have a combined DDS/PhD in Oral Biology program for those dental students interested in pursuing a career in research after their dental school training.

Continuing Education for Practicing Dentists

Dentists looking to pursue training through our continuing dental education courses have several options. Each course is designed to help dentists enhance their techniques with practical training programs and the newest scientific and clinical knowledge.

Pre-Dental Opportunities

If you are considering dentistry and not ready to apply, but are ready to learn more, explore our programs for pre-dental students who are either an undergraduate or a post-baccalaureate student.