Vision & Leadership

Vision and Leadership Banner
Vision and Leadership Banner

With our core principles of innovation, altruism, inclusiveness and excellence guiding our every step, the future we’re designing is one that benefits our entire community.

Dentistry of the Future

We provide our students and trainees with experiences that will best prepare them to be successful in this evolving health care environment; and to be problem solvers and thinkers who can communicate effectively and take on technology with ease. Skilled and able to provide compassionate person-centered care in a more integrated health care system, our graduates will be fully prepared for the future of dentistry. 

Aspirational Values

Aspiring to be a community of faculty, staff, students and patients, where a sense of belonging and respect is felt by all, is a culture that’s deeply ingrained into our daily actions. And encouraging an environment of engagement and productive dialogue helps to foster our core values of compassion, tolerance, and mutual respect. 

Leading the Transformation

Already one of the top research programs in the nation, we want to be a leader in the transformation of dental education. With UCLA’s hallmark culture of discovery and creativity, in an environment that values scholarship and innovation, we are poised to lead the way.

Our Strategy for Excellence

We invite you to explore our 2023 Strategic Plan, which focuses on four strategic imperatives meant to build a dentistry of the future. 

Organizational Charts

Familiarize yourself with the school's administrative, academic, and clinical structure with these downloadable organizational charts.