Program Information

1. How many applicants does the program admit each year?
Each year we admit 88 students.

2. Does the UCLA School of Dentistry accept transfer students?
The School of Dentistry does not accept transfer students under any circumstances.

3. How can I obtain more information?
Information is currently available through the school website at: You may also email the admissions coordinator if you have any specific questions that were not answered on the website at:

4. Do you offer tours of the dental school?
Unfortunately, individual tours are not available. If you are interested in scheduling a pre-dental group tour, please contact our ASDA (American Student Dental Association) group at:

5. How can I make an appointment to meet with the admissions coordinator?
No appointment is necessary. To speak with the Admissions Coordinator, Noemi Benitez regarding the application and review process please call 310-794-7971 (Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm). Due to current COVID guidelines our office is closed to the public.

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ADEA AADSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service)

1. Do you participate in AADSAS?
Yes, applicants must complete the AADSAS application in order to be considered for admission. The AADSAS application is available online at:

2. I have questions regarding the AADSAS application, can you help me? If you have questions or problems with the AADSAS application, please contact the AADSAS Customer Service department. Hours: Monday-Friday (9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time), except federal holidays.
Phone: (617) 612-2045

3. Can I apply directly to UCLA instead of AADSAS?
No, all applicants must complete the AADSAS application.

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Application Process

1. What constitutes a complete file?
A complete file includes the AADSAS application, the $60.00 supplemental fee, a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation, and official DAT scores.

2. Does UCLA require a secondary application?
No, the supplemental questions for our program are included on the AADSAS application.

3. Can I pay the supplemental fee online?
Yes, the supplemental fee is to be paid online on the School of Dentistry website after you receive an email notification from the office. Checks or money orders will not be accepted.

4. I applied to the program last year but I was not accepted. How can I re-apply?
Re-applicants must submit a new AADSAS application and pay the supplemental fee again. No part of a previous year’s application can be used in a new application cycle.

5. How can I check on the status of my application?
You may check if your file is complete on the AADSAS website two to three weeks after
paying the supplemental fee. The decision code for complete files will be set to “Received/ Application Complete.” Unfortunately, our office cannot provide status checks over the
telephone and does not notify applicants if they are missing any materials. You may also
email the admissions coordinator if your status is not updated on the AADSAS website a few weeks after paying the fee at: Please include your AADSAS number for verification purposes in the email.

6. Can I update any information on the AADSAS application by emailing the admissions office?
No, all updates must be submitted to AADSAS and cannot be emailed directly to our office.

7. Besides grades and DAT scores, what additional factors are considered by the Admissions Committee?
The Committee will consider significant work experience, community involvement, graduate studies, economic or educational disadvantage, rigor of undergraduate major, course load and indications of growth and maturity. All information in the personal statement and letters of recommendation are given careful consideration.

8. Do you grant interviews?
Yes, interviews are by invitation only.

9. What is rolling admissions?
Rolling admissions at the UCLA School of Dentistry means the Admissions Committee reads files and makes decisions on a continual basis. Applicants are informed of decisions between December and the end of April. Although individual decisions are not based on the date the application is received, applicants are urged to apply and complete their files as early as possible. This will allow all applications to be completed and ready for review as soon as possible.

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Letters of Recommendation

1. Must letters of recommendation come from professors?
No. Letters may be from objective sources who are familiar with your accomplishments which can include employers, supervisors where you have volunteered, as well as college teachers, college recommendation committees, college counselors and other appropriate individuals. If you have had significant involvement in research, a letter from your research supervisor is desirable.

2. Can I submit my letters of recommendation directly to the admissions office instead of AADSAS?
No, a minimum of three letters of recommendation must be submitted directly to AADSAS for processing. The office will not accept any letters of recommendation if they are mailed directly to us.

3. Do you accept more than 3 letters of recommendation?
Yes, you may submit a maximum of four individual letters to AADSAS.

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Dental Admission Test (DAT)

1. What is the minimum DAT score to apply?
Although there is no minimum score requirement, scores of 20 and above are considered competitive for our program.

2. What is the latest date the DAT can be taken for fall admissions?
The DAT must be taken no later than December 31st.

3. Do my official DAT scores have to be posted to my AADSAS application by the December 31 deadline?
No, the scores may be posted after December 31, but you must take the exam no later than December 31. Please note that official scores are posted to the AADASAS application approximately three weeks after the exam date.

4. Can I apply to the program now and take the DAT later?
Yes, but your application will not be considered complete and ready for review until the official scores are posted to your AADSAS

5. Can I fax my unofficial DAT score report to the admissions office?
No, we do not accept unofficial score reports. The official scores must be posted to your AADSAS application in order to be considered.

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