Section of Special Patient Care

Special Patient Care (Hospital Dentistry) is an area of dentistry where we integrate medicine and dentistry. Given such, we provide comprehensive dental care on patients with special needs, intellectual disabilities, complex medical conditions, psychiatric disorders, or physical limitations.


Dr. Eric Sung, Professor of Clinical Dentistry


Dr. Evelyn Chung, Health Sciences Clinical Professor

Eric Sung & Evelyn Chung

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The primary focus of the Section of Special Patient Care is to instruct students and residents in the role of dentistry for the medically compromised patient, either in an out-patient setting or in a hospital setting. Students and residents are also trained to manage and treat patients with cancer of the oral cavity, and become aware of treatment options and outcomes.

The Section of Special Patient Care participates in three (3) teaching programs:

Pre-doctoral training – This includes courses on oral and systemic diseases, special patient care rotation, and head and neck cancer and maxillofacial prosthodontics.


Faculty members of the Section of Special Patient Care conduct a number of clinical studies, which evaluate a variety of oral conditions in the medically complex patients. Their goal is to determine interactions with chronic and acute medical conditions, and how these patients may be better managed for both their oral and medical health. Future plans include expansion of these clinical trials and development of the institutional and private-sector funding to support these projects.

Patient Care

The Special Patient Care (hospital dentistry) clinic provides comprehensive dental care for patients with special needs, complex medical conditions, physical limitations, and those who are dental phobic. Dental services are provided in both in-patient and out-patient settings. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The Section of Special Patient Care has a number of volunteer faculty who have given their valuable time unselfishly throughout the years to the teaching activities of the Section. The clinical expertise and private office experience they bring to the program are invaluable. The Section is very grateful for the volunteer faculty, and appreciates and welcomes the interests of volunteer dentists.

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