Apollonian Society

Banner of Apollonian Society images
Banner of Apollonian Society images
$8+ Million

The Apollonian Society has contributed more than $8 million to to enhance the UCLA dental student experience.

In 2004 the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Apollonian annual fund was transformed into the membership-based Apollonian Society, which is dedicated to enhancing the student experience. Since this transformation, the Apollonian Society has made great strides, funding innovative projects, strengthening morale among students and collectively contributing more than $3.5 million to the School of Dentistry. 

Guided by generous financial support and the vision of student and alumni leaders, the Apollonian Society provides the following benefits for dental students:

  • A White Coat Ceremony for first-year students

  • A Patient Care Fund that enables low-income patients to continue treatment and allows students to complete clinical requirements on time

  • Purchase of new equipment, such as endodontic surgical microscopes, digital cameras, and Isolite™ machines for enhanced patient care

  • Evening workshops, student-initiated projects, reunions, renovations, and more

Membership in the Apollonian Society is open to all friends of the UCLA School of Dentistry–alumni, faculty members, residency program graduates, professional colleagues, and anyone else who has an interest in advancing oral health education. By becoming a member, you are making a commitment to improving the dental student experience and showing your support of UCLA, one of the finest public universities in the world.