Section of Restorative Dentistry

The Section of Restorative Dentistry is responsible for training predoctoral students and postdoctoral residents to become competent in restoring the form, function, and esthetics of damaged and malformed teeth. The Section is committed to developing dentists who are compassionate and committed to providing patients with excellent restorations in all areas of the discipline. The Section encompasses the disciplines of operative dentistry, fixed prosthodontics, dental morphology, cariology, esthetic dentistry, and advanced education in general dentistry.


Dr. Reuben Kim, Professor
Naomi and Jim Ellison Endowed Chair

Vice Chair:

Dr. Marc Hayashi, Assistant Clinical Professor
Alumni and Friends Presidential Endowed Chair

Restorative Dentistry section page

Our Section is committed to:

  • Providing instruction in all phases of the comprehensive, evidence-based predoctoral restorative dentistry curriculum to our dental students, trainees in AEGD, CED, and ACT.

  • Provide a competency-based curriculum in clinical restorative dentistry to our 2nd- 3rd- and 4th-year students.

  • Encourage faculty to be dedicated and to keep them updated and calibrated with our curriculum, standards, and objectives.

  • Encourage faculty to enroll in continuing education programs and seminars to enhance their knowledge in restorative dentistry.

  • Keep abreast of the latest scientific literature in dentistry and educational advancements in dental education.

  • Prepare students to pass their dental licensure evaluations.


Predoctoral Program

As one of the School of Dentistry's largest sections, we have a broad and extensive involvement in the predoctoral teaching program. Dental student education is comprehensive and is integrated through a series of didactic, laboratory, clinical, and seminar courses addressing the following topics: operative dentistry, fixed prosthodontics, dental morphology and occlusion, cariology, esthetic dentistry, and advanced restorative dentistry. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with an adequate number of clinical experiences to perform several skills assessments. These evaluations are designed to build the students' confidence and knowledge in clinical restorative dentistry. Upon completion of the requisite experiences and evaluations, student will be prepared to challenge a final competency examination in their fourth year. 

1-Year Postgraduate Clinical Training Programs


Restorative Section faculty are active in several areas of scientific inquiry with ongoing research projects in dental and craniofacial biology as well as research to evaluate dental materials and clinical restorative dental techniques, and curriculum evaluation in dental education.

Patient Care

The Restorative Section provides patient care via several UCLA School of Dentistry clinics:

The General Clinic - More than 80 faculty in the Section are engaged in clinical teaching at both the Predoctoral Dental Clinic in Westwood and the Wilson-Jennings-Bloomfield UCLA Venice Dental Center. In the Predoctoral Dental Clinics, dental students treat a broad range of patients with differing needs under the close supervision of part and full time dental school faculty. Within the Predoctoral Dental Clinics, students have the option of performing complex esthetic dentistry, and the restoration of dental implants.

Advanced Restorative Dentistry Clinic - This clinic allows competent students the opportunity to treat more complex cases and increase their patient load during clinic sessions. Students work under the mentorship of Restorative faculty in a specially designated clinical area. Faculty provide support and advice as requested, however, students are encouraged to work more independently than in the general restorative dentistry clinic area.

Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Clinic - Patients may elect to have treatment provided by residents, under the supervision of section faculty, in the AEGD Clinic in Westwood.

Center for Esthetic Dentistry (CED) - Patients with special esthetic needs are often treated in the CED Clinic by esthetic dentistry trainees under the close supervision of experts in the field of esthetic dentistry.

Faculty Group Dental Practice (FGDP) - Most of the Section's full-time faculty maintain a private practice setting, treating patients at the UCLA FGDP.

Venice Dental Center (VDC) - Patients may receive a full range of dental services at the Wilson-Jennings-Bloomfield UCLA VDC.

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Phone: (310) 794-4387

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