The Efficacy of Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Biofeedback for the Alleviation of Anxiety, Pain and Phobias in the Dental Patient

The Efficacy of Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Biofeedback for the Alleviation of Anxiety, Pain and Phobias in the Dental Patient

In-person at UCLA School of Dentistry

Lectures and Demonstrations

Course Fee: $500          30-day early registration: $450
CDE Credits: 14

Friday-Saturday, December 13-14, 2024 
at UCLA Dentistry
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

For over a century hypnosis has been used as an effective method for the treatment of many different issues in medicine and dentistry. In the field of orofacial pain, we are often faced with issues whose etiology can often, to say the least, be profoundly puzzling. From Bruxism and Gagging to TMD and Migraine, Hypnotherapy has been time tested and scientifically proven to be an effective adjunct to traditional therapy. While not using it to get the patient to walk like a chicken and quack like a duck, we can now effectively decrease anxiety, improve communication and rapport, diminish pain and improve treatment compliance. This course will take place over 2 days. The attendees will learn the art of hypnotherapy from simple induction techniques, to deepening procedures through to suggestion methods. Each attendee will receive hands on training experiencing the state of hypnosis as well as how to help their fellow students experience it for themselves. Each student will leave this course with a very effective addition to their toolbox. As an added component, there will also be a presentation of Biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Topics will include:

  • Hypnosis and its application to dentistry
  • Basic deepening, relaxation, visualization, and suggestions techniques
  • Clinical applications - anxiety, phobias, pain management
  • Communication and rapport
  • Hypnosis and induction techniques
  • Biofeedback, heart-rate variability to aid in reducing anxiety and promoting healing
  • Clinical applications - pain management, migraine, TMD, hypno-anesthesia

Learning Objectives


  • Demonstrate knowledge of  hypnosis, biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Define key definitions and terminology
  • Understand basic hypnotic procedures: progressive relaxation, visualization, basic deepening techniques, suggestions, hypnotic inductions
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the application of basic cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Define key components of the management of dental challenges employing these modalities
  • Have a grasp of clinical applications for pain management, migraine, TMD, hypno-anesthesia
  • Ability to execute better communication, suggestibility, trust and rapport



Speaker and topics subject to change without notice

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