On-Demand Recorded Video Lectures

On-Demand Recorded Video Lectures

Online - On Demand - Recorded Videos


UCLA CDE offers courses through online/on-demand registration.
These courses are designed as self-study utilizing recoded video lectures.

Choose a course below for more information and to register and complete.




Oral Medicine


Sleep Medicine/ Orofacial Pain




After registering and making payment through the course link, in addition to payment receipts, within 10 minutes you will receive a registration confirmation email.

  1. In the course confirmation email, access the recorded video lecture using the link provided.
  2. Watch the entire video lecture and receive a post-test link.
  3. Take a post-test and answer questions to attain a 75%+ grade to pass.
  4. Upon successfully passing the post-test, complete a short course evaluation form. Your CE credit/attendance verification will be made available within an hour through another email with a link.