Advanced Prosthodontics Graduate Lab

Advanced Prosthodontics Graduate Lab
Photo of Dr. Kumar Shah

Principal Investigator:

Kumar C. Shah, B.D.S., M.S., F.A.C.P.

Current Projects and Grants

Dental Materials testing; CAD-CAM process and Digital Dentistry Workflow optimization



  • Crockett RJ, Shah KC. Transferring dentofacial analyzer into analog workflow with CAD digitization: A dental technique. The Journal of prosthetic dentistry. 2019 May 10.
  • Chao D, Crockett R, Wu B, Shah K. Digital workflow for predictable immediate loading in the mandible by using a shape memory dental implant abutment system: A clinical report. The Journal of prosthetic dentistry. 2019 May 29.
  • Crockett R, Benko J, Chao D, Shah KC. Digital custom implant impression technique for capturing the acquired emergence profile. The Journal of prosthetic dentistry. 2019 Jul 12.
  • Shah KC, Linsley CS, Wu BM. Evaluation of a shape memory implant abutment system: An up to 6-month pilot clinical study. The Journal of prosthetic dentistry. 2019 Jun 18.
  • Shah KC, Chao D, Wu BM, Jensen OT. Shape-memory Retained Complete Arch Guided Implant Treatment Using Nitinol (Smileloc) Abutments. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics. 2019 May 11.

Lab Members


List of collaborators within and outside of UCLA:

  • Dr. Ben Wu
  • Dr. Chase Lindsey
  • Dr. Alireza Moshaverinia


List of Lab Members:

  • Dr. Varisha Parikh
  • Dr. Robert Faulkner
  • Dr. Brittany Kane
  • Dr. Kristin Hutkin
  • Dr. Pamela Lloren
  • Dr. Greta Scmidt
  • Dr. Daniel Lee


We welcome potential student who are able to demonstrate self-directiong and motivation and dedicate adequate time to conduct research projects on cutting edge topics in CAD/CAM, dental materials, bioengineering, bone biology, and prosthodontics.