Shane N. White Lab

Shane N. White Lab


Dr. White's research interests broadly include dental biological materials; genetic-structural relationships in tooth enamel; and clinical outcomes.

Much of the rationale and evidence for moving from water-based cements to resinous cements emerged from our lab. Failure mechanisms and failure modes of artificial dental ceramics were studied and appliesd to clinical usage of both dental porcelains and tough industrial ceramics such as zirconia. Artificial materials studied include those for endodontic root-end filling and repair, sealers, cements, ceramics, composites and even denture resins. But, these are no match for the natural materials like enamel, dentin, cementum, and bone.

Dental enamel studies have seeked to link the flow from genes, their expressed proteins, resultant matrices, through biomineralization to biomechanical function. Key enamel genes have been studied. Two different transgenic animals were engineered to produce enamel harder than the natural wildtype! This work has evolved to include environmental impacts of tooth formation and on tooth degradation. It has included using tooth enamel as a biomarker for childhood psychosocial stressors. Recently, we have worked to better understand the carious process using SAXS, small angle X-ray scattering.

Clinical dental expertise in prosthodontics and endodontics has enabled clinical trials and interdisciplinary approaches to the systematic review of clinical outcomes – particularly patient-based outcomes. I have extensive research experience in dental imaging, mechanical testing, dental materials, bone & tooth structure, particularly enamel, and dental implants. I have conducted many clinical trials, including novel in-vivo and in-vitro imaging technologies.

Current Projects and Grants

These include studies on tooth enamel biomechanical function, minimally invasive restorations, dental posts, and patient-centered endodontic outcomes.


  • Biological organization of hydroxyapatite crystallites into a fibrous continuum toughens and controls anisotropy in human enamel SN White, W Luo, ML Paine, H Fong, M Sarikaya, ML Snead Journal of dental research 80 (1), 321-326
  • Ectopic expression of dentin sialoprotein during amelogenesis hardens bulk enamel SN White, ML Paine, AYW Ngan, VG Miklus, W Luo, HJ Wang, ML Snead Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (8), 5340-5345
  • Understanding nano-anatomy of healthy and carious human teeth: a prerequisite for nanodentistry S Gaiser, H Deyhle, O Bunk, SN White, B Müller Biointerphases 7 (1), 4
  • Relationship between static chemical and cyclic mechanical fatigue in a feldspathic porcelain SN White, ZC Li, Z Yu, V Kipnis Dental Materials 13 (2), 103-110
  • Pain prevalence and severity before, during, and after root canal treatment: a systematic review JG Pak, SN White Journal of endodontics 37 (4), 429-438

Lab Members


List of collaborators within and outside of UCLA:

  • Chunling Ge
  • Ed McLaren
  • Janet Moradian-Oldak
  • Bert Muller
  • Rikke Ogawa
  • Michael Paine
  • Malcolm Snead
  • Mahmoud Torabinejad

List of Lab Members:

  • Kenneth James Glen, Dental Student
  • Christina Light, Dental Student
  • Ruobing Peng, Visiting Researcher
  • Moein Sadrkhani, Endodontic Resident
  • Yiting Shao, Visiting Researcher
  • Ga Young Seo, Undergraduate Student
  • Shihua Xue, Visiting Researcher


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