UCLA Dentistry affiliated sites are committed to providing quality care for underserved populations while enhancing our students' ethic of caring and confidence in oral healthcare delivery. Our network of sites continues to grow to close the gap in access to care.

Big Smiles CA 

Hero Patient Services – Colorado Springs, CO

Homeless Not Toothless – Los Angeles, CA

Kids’ Community Dental Clinic – Burbank, CA

Miller Dental Associates – Muskegon, MI

South Central Family Health Center – Los Angeles, CA

Martin Luther King Jr Outpatient Center – Willowbrook, CA

Shingala Dental – Midland, TX

Aspen Dental Iowa (Dr. Bahadur) – Cedar Rapids, IA

Aspen Dental North Dakota (Dr. Johnson) – Fargo, ND

Aria Community Health Center – Riverdale, CA

Aria Community Health Center – Lindsay, CA

Golden Age Dental – Los Angeles, CA (mobile dentistry)

American Smile Dental – Sylmar, CA

Rodeo Dental – McAllen, TX

Geis Clinic Veterans Village – San Diego, CA


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For questions, please contact the CBCE offices by emailing Dr. Kelly Vitzthum at KVitzthum@dentistry.ucla.edu.