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$1.67 million Delta Dental Community Care Foundation gift empowers new School of Dentistry initiative

The UCLA School of Dentistry will increase access to comprehensive oral health care among geriatric and special needs populations through a new program made possible by the support of the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation’s largest-ever single gift to a dental school. The Community Care Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental of California.

Small Change Creates a Big Impact

It’s not uncommon for patients with special needs, complex medical conditions, and physical or cognitive differences, to encounter challenges when seeking dental care. The Special Patient Care (SPC) clinic at the UCLA School of Dentistry – and its specialists trained in treating this vulnerable population – serve as a major safety net for special needs patients and their caretakers. For many of these patients, UCLA is the only option they have and those who live far away are willing to drive hundreds of miles to be seen.

Staff Profile: Francesa Moore

“IT’S MY CO-WORKERS WHO MAKE IT EASY to come to work every day. We’re a team. We put our heads down and get things done,” said Francesa Moore. Fran will celebrate her 30-year work anniversary in January 2020. When asked about retirement, she laughed and said, “I’m not quite ready yet.”

Lighting the Way

1967 - A health survey shows that Venice Beach residents need dental care more than any other service. Advocates approach the UCLA School of Dentistry with a proposal to open a community clinic.

1968 - Approvals from Chancellor Charles Young and dental school dean, Dr. Raider Soggnaes, move the clinic project forward. A grant for $38,000 is secured for start-up costs.

Patient Advisory Notice For COVID-19

Patient Advisory Notice

For the past few months, we have continued to manage dental emergencies. Now, under the guidance of dental associations, local and state public health offices, and the UCLA campus, we can reopen our clinics to provide more dental treatment. We are doing a phased reopening, starting with our specialty clinics and faculty practices followed by our dental student general clinic.

To The Rescue: UCLA Bioengineers Create Reusable COVID-19 Face Shields

Collaborative project will help first responders at UCLA Health and beyond

First responders and health care workers have been putting their lives on the line to treat the tidal wave of COVID-19 patients flooding emergency rooms and intensive care units. Meanwhile, hospitals across the country are facing a shortage of medical-grade personal protective equipment, and manufacturers haven't been able to meet the rising demand with high-quality solutions.

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