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Practicing Gratitude: Dr. Hedi Kermani, Class of 1995

Bruin Optimist with an appreciation for giving back

Dr. Hedi Kermani’s drive, paired with her entrepreneurial spirit, are the characteristics that have helped her build a successful orthodontics and pediatric dentistry practice in Orange County. From acquiring the latest technology and equipment down to choosing the colors for the interior, hiring top associates and even designing the website, she has dedicated her career for the past two decades to perfecting a practice that her patients can rely on for quality care.

Meet an Alum: Dr. David Avenetti, Class of 2010

Alumnus Dr. David Avenetti found his calling in public health while he was still an undergraduate at USC. Faced with the inevitable question of what’s next, he applied to both dental schools and master’s degree programs in public health, knowing he eventually wanted to pursue both. When UCLA Dentistry accepted him into their Class of 2010, he knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. 

Meet an Alum: Dr. Malieka Johnson, Class of 2011

Dr. Malieka Johnson, DDS Class of 2011, is a San Diego-based private practice dentist focusing on general and adult special needs dentistry. Prior to UCLA Dentistry, Dr. Johnson earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC San Diego in 2003. During dental school, she heard the call to specialize in caring for people with special needs. Following the completion of her DDS degree, she completed a general practice residency at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, CA.

Meet An Alum: Dr. Sapna Lohiya, Class of 2013

As a double Bruin, Dr. Sapna Lohiya prides herself on her allegiance to UCLA and the Westwood campus. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Anthropology in 2009, she continued her Bruin education at the UCLA School of Dentistry. While in dental school, she was active in community service as an Inglewood Community Dental Clinic Director and editor of the student research journal “The Explorer.” 

Meet An Alum: Dr. Michael Nedjat-Haiem, Class of 2020

Newly minted dentist, Dr. Michael Nedjat-Haiem, knew at an early age that he wanted to positively impact the world and make a difference, so he drifted towards dentistry at the end of his undergraduate years at UCLA. Dr. Nedjat-Haiem was drawn towards dentistry due to his strong passion for the sciences as well as having the chance to combine his manual skills with his sharp perceptual ability.

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