Length of Program: 1-2 quarters*

Number of Positions: 1 - 4

This program offers 4 options to suit each enrollee’s academic interests and needs. Applicants must specify the quarter they would like to begin and the length of the program they desire. 

*Extensions to more quarters can only be considered after initial quarter

Program Director: Dr. Kumar Shah

A primary aim of the Advanced Prosthodontics program is to teach students not only the importance of replacing oral structures but to stress preservation and optimization of the supporting structures through a coordinated effort with the other dental specialties. Within the clinical area, preceptors are exposed to the philosophies and principles of prosthodontic treatment with fixed, removable, implant, and maxillofacial prosthodontics. Advanced and specialized methods required for care of extraordinary and unusual cases are stressed. While preceptors do not treat patients in the clinic, they participate in sessions for treatment planning and sequencing clinical work. Clinical practice will be limited to observation and required chair-side assistance for prosthodontics procedures. Additionally, preceptors attend weekly literature review seminars to develop the ability to critically evaluate dental literature.

An additional feature of this program is the unique opportunity it provides its participants to interact with a broad spectrum of researchers in the Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Biotechnology. Innovative research on biology, gene therapy, cellular response to biomaterials, and evaluation of outcomes of prosthodontic research is ongoing in the center. The research enterprise at the UCLA School of Dentistry provides an innovative, collaborative environment where our preceptors can conduct research under the mentorship from leaders in the field. All preceptors are required to be involved in a research project during their training on impactful topics, including CAD/CAM, dental materials, bioengineering, bone biology, and prosthodontics.

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A certificate of attendance is awarded upon successful completion of the program. This certificate is not the same as the postgraduate program certificate awarded to full-time international postgraduates in specialty training as a qualification for recognition by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Selection Process & Factors

The admissions committee considers the following criteria in its decisions:

  • Academic achievement (GPA and class rank if available)

  • Research interests

  • Content of personal statement, including the applicant's interest in prosthodontics, reason for applying to the program, and goals for the program if he/she is accepted

  • Content of confidential reports

The decision on acceptance will be made on a rolling basis. A letter of acceptance signed by the Program Director and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will be issued upon acceptance.

Program Fees

Fees: $4,700 per quarter (subject to change)

Certificate Fee: one-time payment of $200

Refund Policy:


100% for each quarter

100% refund

10 weeks before start of quarter

50% refund

5 weeks before start of quarter


less than 5 weeks before start of quarter

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