Attending dental school is a significant time and financial commitment, but the Office of Student Services is here to help you figure out how to pay for your training at UCLA Dentistry, one of the top ranked dental schools in the country.

To help you plan your PPID education at the UCLA School of Dentistry, here is a projected off-campus and commuter budget for students in the 2-year PPID program for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

The figures listed below represent an estimate of expenses. Living expenses include room/board, transportation, and personal expenses. These estimates do not include costs for dental/medical care, car payments, debts, charge accounts, spouses and childcare. It is essential to note that budgets are subject to modification.

2022-23 PPID Annual Fee Assessment* 

Class of 2024  - Annual Fee $99,522 (AY 22/23)

Class of 2023  - Annual Fee $97,863 (AY 22/23)

Academic Year 2023-24 Annual Program Fee Pending Approval

*(All fees subject to change without prior notification) 

UCLA Registrar's Office Self-Supporting Degree Fees

Total Projected Costs for the 2023-24 Academic Year

Off-campus Housing Budget

  1st Year Summer   1st Academic Year   2nd Year Summer   2nd Academic Year
  3 Months   9 Months   3 Months   9 Months
Annual Program Fee $24,881   $74,642   $24,466   $73,397
Housing & Food $8,283   $24,850   $8,283    

Books/Supplies/ Equipment

$22,645   $9,009   $1,000   $8,570
Transportation $1,100   $3,300   $1,100   $24,850
Personal $927   $2,780   $927   $2,780
Loan Fees $348   $1,044   $348   $1,044
TOTALS $58,183   $115,624   $36,124   $110,641


*There are fewer supplies required in the 2nd year.

All fees are subject to change without prior notification.

The amounts shown here represent, for planning purposes, estimates of tuition and fees for existing and proposed professional degree programs. Final figures are subject to change without notice and may differ from the amounts posted. 

The Total Cost of Attendance (TCOA) at UCLA includes tuition, fees and expenses for housing, food, educational materials and transportation. Your TCOA budget is determined by the housing option selected on your financial aid application and is used to determine the maximum amount of financial aid that can be awarded. Please inform Dental School Financial Aid office, if your housing plans for the year change so that your aid can be recalculated. 

Please note: Students enrolling in this program cannot use CAL VET tuition/fee exemptions; this program is not supported with state funds and is not subject to the state law regarding CAL VET tuition/fee exemptions.