Photo of Dr. Ki-Hyuk Shin

Ki-Hyuk  Shin M.S., Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor
Director of Preclinical Laboratory Operations
  • (310) 267-2732
43-003 CHS

UCLA School of Dentistry
10833 Le Conte Ave.
Box 951668
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668

  • Full-Time Faculty
Academic Sections
  • Biosystems and Function

Dr. Ki-Hyuk Shin is a professor in the Division of Oral and Systemic Health Sciences, and the director for Pre-Clinical Laboratory at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Shin is currently the Course Chair for Foundations of Microbiology (OSD103), Foundations of Pharmacology (OSD104), and Clinical Medicine & Pharmacology (AS105). Dr. Shin is also a Principal Investigator at the Shapiro Family Laboratory of Viral Oncology and Aging Research, UCLA School of Dentistry and an active member of Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Representative Publications
  • Lee SH, Rigas N, Martin CE, Nguyen A, Kang MK, Park NH, Kim RK, Shin KH. Zoledronic acid impairs oral cancer stem cells by reducing CCL3. Oncology Reports, 45:291-298, 2021
  • Hong HS, Akhavan J, Lee SH, Kim RH, Kang MK, Park NH, Shin KH. Proinflammatory Cytokine TNFα Promotes HPV-associated Oral Carcinogenesis by Increasing Cancer Stemness. International Journal of Oral Science, 12:3, 2020
  • Lee SH, Kieu C, Martin CE, Han J, Chen W, Kim JS, Kang MK, Kim RH, Park NH, Kim Y, Shin KH. NFATc3 plays an oncogenic role in oral/oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas by promoting cancer stemness via expression of OCT4. Oncotarget, 10:2306-2319, 2019
  • Shin KH, Kim RH. An updated review of oral cancer stem cells and their stemness regulation. Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis, 23:189-200, 2018
  • Lee SH, Inaba A, Mohindroo N, Ganesh D, Martin CE, Chugal N, Kim RH, Kang MK, Park NH, Shin KH. Three-dimensional sphere-forming cells are unique multipotent cell population in dental pulp cells. Journal of Endodontics, 43:1302-1308, 2017
  • Lee SH, Rigas N, Lee CR, Bang A, Srikanth S, Gwack Y, Kim RH, Kang MK, Park NH, Shin KH. Orai1 promotes tumor progression by enhancing cancer stemness via NFAT signaling in oral/oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Oncotarget, 7:43239-43255, 2016
  • Lee CR, Lee SH, Rigas N, Kim RH, Kang MK, Park NH, Shin KH. Elevated expression of JMJD6 is associated with oral carcinogenesis and maintains cancer stemness properties. Carcinogenesis, 37:119-128, 2016
  • Lee SH, Lee CR, Rigas N, Kim RH, Kang MK, Park NH, Shin KH. Human papillomavirus 16 (HPV16) enhances tumor growth and cancer stemness of HPV-negative oral squamous cell carcinoma cells via miR-181 regulation. Papillomavirus Research, 1:116-125, 2015
Additional Information

Areas of expertise

  • - Molecular Cancer Biology and Microbiology


Teaching Activities

  • Course Chair, Foundations of Microbiology (OSD103)
  • Course Chair, Foundations of Pharmacology (OSD104)
  • Course Chair, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacology (AS105)
  • Course Faculty, Oral & Systemic Biology System I (OSD102)
  • Course Faculty, Oral & Systemic Biology System II (OSD105)
  • Instructor, System-Based Healthcare (SBH1415)
Educational & Professional Background
  • B.S., Korea University, 1990
  • M.S., UCLA, 1992
  • Ph.D., UCLA, 1995
Research & Interests

The current research in Dr. Shin’s laboratory is focused on 1) Molecular mechanisms of oral carcinogenesis, 2) Molecular regulation of cancer stem cell genesis and maintenance, 3) Molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence and aging, and 4) Therapeutic application of dental mesenchymal stem cells.

Professional Memberships
  • American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
  • American Association Dental Association (AADR)
  • International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
  • Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC)
  • 2020 Primary Research Mentor of the recipient of the Dr. No-Hee Park Award of Excellence in Research, UCLA School of Dentistry
  • 2018 & 2019 Primary Research Mentor of the recipient of the American Association Dental Research (AADR) Bloc Travel Grant Award
  • 2018 Primary Research Mentor of the recipient of Research Award (1st place in PhD Students/Postdoctoral Fellow Category), UCLA School of Dentistry Research Day Competition
  • 2017 Nominee for UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award (nominated by School of Dentistry)
  • 2016 Primary Research Mentor of the recipient of the International Association Dental Research (IADR) Unilever Hatton Division Award
  • 2016 Selected for recognition in the Academy of Excellent Educators, UCLA School of Dentistry
  • 2016 Primary Research Mentor of the recipient of the AADR Hatton Award (1st place in Senior category)
  • 2013 Most Memorable Lecture in Dental School’ Award (awarded by students), UCLA School of Dentistry
  • 2013 Excellent Teaching Award (awarded by students) UCLA School of Dentistry