Kang, Mo

Mo  Kwan  Kang M.S., Ph.D., D.D.S.

Chair of the Division of Constitutive and Regenerative Sciences
Chair of the Section of Endodontics
Jack A. Weichman Chair in Endodontics
  • (310) 825-8048
43-007 CHS

UCLA School of Dentistry
10833 Le Conte Ave.
Box 951668
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668

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  • Endodontics

Mo Kwan Kang, M.S., Ph.D., D.D.S.Êis a professor and the chair of the Section of Endodontics and the Division of Constitutive & Regenerative SciencesÊat the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Kang also holds a dual appointment with the Section of Oral Biology and is the first person to hold the Dr. Jack A. Weichman Chair in Endodontics.

Additional Information

Patient Care:

  • Dr. Kang practices endodontics in the Faculty Group Dental Practice.

Teaching Activities:

  • DS462, Endodontic Technique (Laboratory Instructor)

  • DS2310.14, Biological Basis for Periradicular Therapy (Lecturer)

  • DS320.44, Endodontic Research for Postgraduate students (Course Chair)

  • DS413c, Advanced Endodontic Diagnosis and Treatment (Lecturer)

  • AS104, Clinical Review Course for PPID Students (Course Chair)

  • DS309.081, Molecular Biology of Oral Diseases for Periodontics Postgraduate Students (Lecturer)

  • CL403.01, Endodontic Clinic (Course Co-Chair)

  • CL404.01, Endodontic Clinic (Course Chair)

  • Introduction to Endodontics (Course Chair)

Educational & Professional Background
  • B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, CA (Biochemistry), 1994

  • M.S., University of California, Los Angeles, CA (Biochemistry), 1995

  • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, CA (Oral Biology and Medicine), 2000

  • D.D.S., University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 2001

  • Certificate, Endodontics, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 2003

Research & Interests

The current research in Dr. Kang's laboratory is focused on oral mucosal diseases, including oral cancer, chemical- and radiation-induced oral mucositis, and aging-associated oral epithelial dysfunction. These studies were developed in his laboratory from extensive investigations of the mechanisms underlying cellular senescence (aging) and immortalization of normal human oral keratinocytes (NHOK).

08/01-07/08, NIDCR/NIH (R01) Park, No-Hee (PI), Kang, Mo (Investigator)  

  • HPV, Genetic Instability, and Oral Cancer

08/03 Ð 08/08, NIDCR/NIH (K22) Principal Investigator  

  • Oxidative Stress, DNA Damage, and Cellular Aging

03/07 - 02/12, NIDCR/NIH (R01) Principal Investigator  

  • Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy on Telomerase Function in Human Oral Epithelium

07/07 - 06/12, NIDCR/NIH (K08) Kim, Reuben (PI), Kang, Mo (Co-Mentor)  

  • Combined Effect of HIV and HPV in Oral Cancer

09/07 - 08/12, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI #5100610) Marcus, Marvin (Program Director), Kang, Mo (Faculty Mentor)  

  • Pipeline for Dentist/ Scientists

03/08 - 03/09, NIAID/NIH & UCLA Center for Biological Radioprotectors (CBRP) Principal Investigator  

  • Radioprotection of mucosal and cutaneous tissues by Bmi-1

06/08 - 05/13, NIDCR/NIH (K02) Principal Investigator  

  • Phenotypic and genetic effect of antiretroviral therapy on human oral epithelium

07/08 - 06/10, American Association of Endodontists Principal Investigator  

  • Role of Bmi-1 in Regulation of Dental Pulp Stem Cell Differentiation
Professional Memberships
  • West Los Angeles Dental Society
  • California Dental Association
  • Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, California
  • Dental Research Institute, UCLA School of Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • American Association of Endodontists
  • American Association for Cancer Research
  • International Association for Dental Research