R90 Grant Program

Two tracks of training programs are offered in the R90 Grant Program to Foreign Applicants:

  • Dentist-PhD (D-PhD)

  • Dentist-Scientists Postdoctoral Fellow (DSPF)

Dentist-PhD Program (D-PhD)

This training track addresses the critical need to provide doctoral level research training support for research-oriented, research-focused and research-committed Non-U.S. resident dentists. Applicants should have completed a DDS, DMD or equivalent degree. No concurrent clinical or residency training is permitted. Trainees must satisfy the Core PhD Curriculum requirements. International dentists that might elect to perform the PhD degree alone could be recent graduates that decide to follow a research-focused career or junior/mid-career dentists with research aspirations such as clinical faculty.

Dentist-Scientists Postdoctoral Fellow (DSPF)

This training track addresses the need to provide support for international dentist-scientists (DDS/DMD or DDS/DMD-PhD) to obtain dedicated postdoctoral training experience in preparation for transition to scientific independence. We are cognizant of the importance of dedicated full-time un-interrupted postdoctoral training experience in enhancing research career transition towards scientific independence. The DSPF track strives to maintain the dentist-scientist’s focus on a research-focused career in oral health research.

This track will attract two kinds of international dentist-scientists. First, a Non-U.S. resident DDS/PhD (either from DSTP or D-PhD background) graduate that will transit directly to a postdoctoral research position. A productive postdoctoral training is of paramount importance for the career development towards scientific transition to independence. A second pool of applicants comes from international residency/PhD programs. These individuals would also require the advanced experience and guidance of postdoctoral training to enhance their likelihood for a successful academic career. A third potential group will be an international DDS/DMD only candidates. Foreign DDS/DMD only candidates interested in dedicated postdoctoral research training is unlikely but will consider if we encounter qualified and highly motivated candidates.

Although postdoctoral training does not require any formal course work, R90 funded DSPF trainees will be required to audit the UCLA ACCESS courses, Biomath and statistics course and research ethics for basic and patient-oriented research and to participate in the Oral Biology seminar (OB 260). In addition to research training, faculty mentors will be required to mentor trainees to apply for F/K research training and career development awards or research grant (R) applications.

It should be noted that the DSPF training positions are designated for foreign applicant dentist-scientists. While they may be considered similar in nature to the Oral Health Researcher Postdoctoral Fellow (OHRPF) program, these are reserved for the research training and career development of  international dentist-scientists.