Health Services

The School of Dentistry has a strong commitment to improving the oral health of individuals in Los Angeles, throughout California and throughout the nation, especially in underserved areas. Community-based oral health services research is ongoing to inform the needs of the profession and the local community. We are working to understand the information needs and decision-making strategies of underserved patients. Through our dental education and science education pipeline programs, we are advancing ways to increase the number of dentists and oral health researchers committed to reducing the burden of disease among the state's most disadvantaged individuals. As part of a nationwide program to develop a stronger dental education system, we are testing new methods for dental education delivery. In cooperation with health care organizations in the community and in public schools, we evaluate factors related to poor oral health. Research projects utilize diverse disciplines including anthropology, biostatistics, epidemiology, education, behavioral science and other approaches.

UCLA School of Dentistry faculty members who contribute to this "center of excellence" include: