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David Akin
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The Clinical Research Center (CRC) is located in the School of Dentistry. This facility occupies a total of 300 square feet and maintains two dental operatories. The facility coordinates and conducts all phases of human clinical investigational study. The CRC coordinates and collaborates studies with local, intra-state and international researchers and institutions. Proposed study protocols are designed in accordance with Human Subjects Protection Board (IRB) regulations.

The CRC, with the present director, Dr. Tara Aghaloo, who is also the Assistant Dean of Clinical Research, has been in existence for almost a decade. The CRC supports a wide range of multidisciplinary clinical research projects. In a typical year the CRC may conduct two to three large clinical projects. Past investigations have included studies on new therapies for the treatment of gum disease and tooth decay.

The facility operates under the Food and Drug Administration guidelines for Good Clinical Practice. The CRC has gained a national reputation for providing the highest quality research. This reputation has resulted in increased interest by corporate sponsors to conduct dental clinical trials at UCLA. This facility is open to all School investigators.