Interviews & Selection Factors

The Admissions Committee begins to review applications in September of each year. Candidates are selected for interviews based on information submitted from AADSAS, including the supplemental questions. Interviews are scheduled between the months of October and March.

The Admissions Committee considers the following criteria when making its decisions about applicants:

  • Scholastic record

  • Aptitude for science demonstrated by academic record and the DAT

  • Performance on the PAT portion of the DAT to assess spatial aptitude

  • Reading comprehension performance on the DAT, especially for English as a Second Language applicants

  • Manner in which scholastic record was achieved (i.e., course load, breadth of the courses of study, extracurricular activities, and work experience)

  • Substantive letters of recommendation (minimum of 3) from any objective source

  • Personal interview

Review the full list of pre-requisites and requirements

Class of 2023 At a Glance

  • Diverse and talented

  • Comprised of 52 females and 36 males

  • Come from nine states

  • Range from 20-40 years of age

  • Years of college range from four to ten

  • Overall GPA is 3.77

  • Science GPA is 3.73

  • DAT Academic Average score of 23

  • Average of 22 PAT and 23 Total Science

  • 83 have a Bachelor’s degree

  • 4 have a Master's degree

  • 1 has a Ph.D.

  • Majors include: anthropology, biochemistry, biology, biophysics, business administration, chemical engineering, chemistry, English, exercise science, finance, mathematics, microbiology, neuroscience, nutritional science, pharmaceutical sciences, physiology, psychobiology, psychology, and sociology.

    • 23 graduated Summa Cum Laude

    • 15 graduated Magna Cum Laude

    • 7 graduated Cum Laude

The above information was supplied by the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs. If you have questions regarding anything related to the interview process and selection factors, please call us at (310) 825-9789 or email