Innovative Digital Dentistry Systems

As this new unit evolves, more information will be posted. Please contact executive director, Dr. Ben Wu, with specific questions.

Evolving digital technology continues to drive innovations and improvements in education, health care, and the process of discovery. In education, these technologies have transformed content management and delivery, access to information, and student assessment. In dentistry, these technologies—electronic health records, diagnosis and imaging, and digital design and manufacturing—have the potential to increase efficiency and accuracy. These technologies are being rapidly adopted in patient care to facilitate workflow and interdisciplinary communication.

To address the ever-changing environment of health care and the teaching of health care, the dental school established a new unit – Innovative Digital Dentistry Systems, or iDDS. Its core mission is to lead a digital transformation in dental education and oral health care through creativity, innovation, and research.

Immediate goals and strategies for iDDS are:

  • To acquire and implement best-in-class digital architecture across the School to provide access to and to integrate a broad array of health information, encompassing all disciplines; 
  • To leverage interdepartmental support and employ digital technologies to transform the School’s educational programs and optimize effectiveness and efficiency of curricular delivery;
  • To distinguish ourselves from competing digital centers by driving impactful innovations through creative and bold research and development; and
  • To stimulate and support research and innovation from the ground-up to transform dental education and health care. 

iDDS will play an important role in preparing our faculty and students to deliver person-centered care in a digitally integrated health care delivery system in Westwood, local communities, and beyond.

Our vision is to lead and transform how dentistry is taught and practiced, and the innovation created by iDDS will enable the dental school to rapidly expand collaborations among academia, the dental community, and industry to diversify the School’s patient care, education, and research portfolio.