1. I am an entering first-year student. When will I receive my financial aid materials?

Financial aid materials and instructions are available on our website. When we receive your acceptance deposit, and have updated our systems for the coming year, we will email you information on how to start your financial aid application.

2. Is my acceptance deposit applied toward my fall quarter registration fees?

Yes, your acceptance deposit will appear as a credit on your first quarter bill.

3. Some forms require a student ID number. How do I know what my ID number is?

Your UCLA student ID number is assigned to you after you have paid your acceptance deposit. However, if you are completing financial aid forms that require a UCLA student ID number and you have not received your 9-digit ID number, simply leave that question blank or write in the last 4 digits of your Social Security number underneath that space.

4. What is the deadline for submitting financial aid application materials?

We request that incoming students submit all financial aid application materials within 20 days of receiving notice on how to begin the application process. Continuing students should begin the application process when notified by email, and submit all materials when another email notifies that the Financial Aid Office is ready to accept applications. 

Late applicants may lose eligibility for some funds.

5. How do I know if I’m eligible for financial aid?

UCLA will assess your eligibility for financial aid by reviewing the information you report on your financial aid forms. By using your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), UCLA will determine the amount of financial aid for which you are eligible. 

If your contribution exceeds the cost of education, you can apply for the unsubsidized federal Direct Loan, and Grad PLUS Loan, to replace your student contribution.

6. Do I have to have good credit to receive a loan?

University and federal loans (Perkins and Direct) are not based on your credit although you cannot qualify for any loan if you are presently in default on a prior federal loan. However, you must be “credit-worthy” to receive private or Direct Grad PLUS loans. “Credit-worthy” does not mean that you must have an established credit history; rather, it means that you cannot have a negative credit history.

7. What happens once my financial aid application package is complete?

The School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office will send your completed aid application to the central UCLA Financial Aid Office for final processing. Once your application has been processed, you will receive notice by email to log into MyUCLA to complete an eFAN (Electronic Financial Aid Notification). Follow all steps carefully in completing the eFAN or aid may be delayed.

8. What happens if I submit false information when completing my financial aid forms?

Any false or misleading information given to establish eligibility for federal student aid may lead to a $10,000 fine and/or prison sentence. In addition, misleading or dishonest representations in financial aid application materials will result in disciplinary action that may include dismissal from the School of Dentistry.

9. When are the University registration fees due? *

  • Summer Quarter – May 20 (Incoming PPID Students)

  • Summer Quarter – June 20 (Continuing Students)

  • Fall Quarter – September 20

  • Winter Quarter – December 20

  • Spring Quarter – March 20

*registration due date subject to change, BruinBill will include the official due date.

10. How do I pay my registration fees?

If you have loan funds due to disburse at the start of the quarter, the loans will be applied to your Billing and Receivables (BAR) account electronically to pay your fees.  Private loans, for those who do not have a social security number, will be sent to the university in the form of paper checks. You will have to retrieve these checks at Student Loan Services in Murphy Hall at the start of each quarter.

If your loan funds do not arrive at UCLA prior to the registration fee payment deadline, you may use your credit card or a personal check to pay the fees. Please note that the university no longer accepts Visa cards and will charge a fee for use of other credit cards.  Once your loan check arrives, your will be reimbursed.

11. When will I receive the financial aid funds?

If you have completed and submitted the application materials in a timely manner, your loan funds should arrive at the School in time to pay your registration fees. Students who applied for federal Direct Loans will also have to complete and submit the promissory note(s) as directed.

Loans are released in three disbursements (one per quarter). Federal regulations prohibit UCLA from releasing funds earlier than the beginning of the quarter. Keep in mind that fall quarter is often a little tricky, and we recommend that you do not rely on receiving your financial aid funds right at the beginning of the quarter. You may wish to set aside some savings to cover your initial expenses. If you are having trouble meeting your expenses, please contact the School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office as early as possible so that we can help you avoid a crisis.

Please Note: Official Financial aid Offer notification for the Academic Year (September thru June) typically are not released to the incoming and continuing dental students until mid-August.  

12. What if I borrow funds in excess of my tuition? What happens to the extra funds?

You may use funds in excess of your tuition to pay for living expenses, books, supplies, etc.  When your funds are electronically transferred to UCLA, your registration fees will be automatically deducted. Any excess amount will be disbursed to you in the form of a refund check or directly deposited into your personal bank account.

13. Can the financial aid refund be deposited directly into my personal bank account?

Yes, all students are eligible for direct deposit through Bruin Direct; you will be sent an application. If you do not choose to sign up for direct deposit, your refund will be sent to you by mail.

14. What do I do with my previous educational loans while I’m at UCLA?

As soon as you are registered, you may obtain a deferment verification form from your lender. Once completed, the Office of Student Services at the School of Dentistry will verify your registration and return that deferment form to your lender.

15. If I withdraw or request a leave of absence, will I receive a refund?

Please click on this link UCLA Registrar's Office Rund Schedule for the policy.