Ways to Give

Make check payable to UCLA Foundation and send to:

UCLA School of Dentistry
c/o Development Office
10833 Le Conte Ave.
Box 951668 (53-038 CHS)
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668

Making a gift today helps to enable the UCLA School of Dentistry to continue to be a leader in dental education, research, patient care and public service. There are many different ways to give to UCLA Dentistry. Your gift may come from any of these options.

Cash and Checks - Gifts of cash made to the School of Dentistry through the UCLA Foundation or UC Regents are equally tax-deductible and are used for the purposes specified by the donor. 

Credit and Debit Cards - Donors may elect to make a gift via a charge to a credit or debit card. Cards accepted for donations include VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Gift Pledges - A pledge is a formal statement of intention to make a gift to UCLA. It may be followed by an immediate gift, or it may simply confirm your intention to make a gift in the future. Many donors choose to complete their gift pledge by making regular payments over a period of time. This method often allows donors to give more generously than they may have originally considered.

Wire Transfer - Wire transfers are most commonly used for gifts made from outside the United States. Financial institutions provide minimal information on wire transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, donors should alert the University that a wire transfer has been made by notifying the School of Dentistry Development Office at (310) 206-6079.

Gifts with Retained Interest - This type of gift allows you to hold an interest in that gift for your lifetime or for a specified term of years. After that time, the funds become available to the University. A charitable trust or gift of real estate may fall under this category. When you make your gift, you have the satisfaction of knowing that plans you make today will help to support the University in the next century.

Unrestricted Gifts - When you do not restrict the use of your gift, the University gains crucial flexibility. Unrestricted gifts are used to meet changing or urgent needs such as library acquisitions, state-of-the-art technology, equipment or new research initiatives.

Gifts of Endowment - A gift for endowment demonstrates your farsighted commitment to the University. An endowment is a fund that is maintained in perpetuity, and only a portion of the annual nvestment return is used for the purposes specified by the donor. The rest of the investment yield is returned to principle. Thus, over the years, the fund can grow and hopefully keep pace with inflation. Such endowments, which typically bear the name of the donor or donors, reflect your interests and serve as an enduring testament to your generosity.

Gifts-in-Kind - Gifts of tangible personal property, such as equipment or books that are donated for related educations purposes are recorded at their fair market value. Gifts-in-kind valued in excess of $500 should be accompanied by a deed of gift and the fair market value as determined by the donor. The IRS and the University require that gifts-in-kind valued at more than $5,000 also have an independent appraisal provided by the donor.