Centennial Campaign Honor Roll

The UCLA School of Dentistry wishes to recognize and thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations whose extraordinary generosity and exemplary vision enables us to pursue our mission of excellence in teaching, research, patient care and public service. Each gift is an investment in the future of the oral health profession.

Centennial Campaign Donors 

Remarkable firsts and forward leaps have marked UCLA's first 100 years. The Centennial Campaign for UCLA celebrates these accomplishments and prepares the university for a new century of breakthroughs. Through their generosity, the donors below have made lasting contributions to the School of Dentistry by giving to student scholarships, endowed chairs, faculty research, patient care initiatives and academic centers. From July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2017, the School of Dentistry has raised $1,492,479.76 in Apollonian Society funds alone.


This honor roll lists all philanthropic commitments made to the School between July 1, 2012, and December 31, 2017. We generously thank those who have given before and after these dates. Donors’ academic degrees (at the Master’s level and above) are noted as recorded in the UCLA External Affairs database. Donors’ UCLA School of Dentistry degrees (DDS, MS in oral biology, PhD in oral biology, and certificates) are recognized by the inclusion of the class year in which they were conferred. The Office of Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this report. If you note an error or omission, please accept our sincere apologies and notify us by writing to the UCLA School of Dentistry Development Office, 10833 Le Conte Avenue, CHS 53-038, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668; calling (310) 206-6063, or sending an email to development@dentistry.ucla.edu

Certificate Abbreviations

A) Dental Anesthesiology(GP) General Practice(P) Periodontics
(AEGD) Adv. Edu. in General Dentistry(M) Maxillofacial Prosthetics(PD) Pediatric Dentistry
(AP) Advanced Prosthodontics(O) Orthodontics(PO) Peds-Orthodontics Combined
(E) Endodontics(OS) Oral Surgery 


$1,000,000 and above

Bien-Air USA, Inc.

Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Delta Dental of California

Peter W. Shapiro

Shirley L. Shapiro & Ralph J. Shapiro, JD

Robert S. Wilson & Marion L. Wilson


$500,000 to $999,999

Colgate-Palmolive Company

Frida A. Xhonga-Oja Trust    

Mitsui Chemical, Inc.

Nanto, Inc.

Phiten Co., Ltd.

United Cerebral Palsy Spastic Children's Foundation

Ushio Electronics, Inc.


$100,000 to $499,999

The Ahmanson Foundation 

American Association of Endodontists Foundation

American Association of Orthodontists Foundation

Bank of Hope

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences


Biomet 3I

Brasseler U.S.A. Inc.

Chen-Yang Foundation



Esther B. O'Keeffe Foundation

EZlife Bio Inc.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Hsieh Family Foundation 

International Association for Dental Research

International Team for Implantology

J. Craig Venter Institute

Seung Hyun Kyung, DDS & Ji-Hyum L. Lee

Kasey K. Li, DDS ’86 & Carolyn K. Li

Oariona Lowe, DDS, PD ’84, MPH & Evangelos Rossopoulos, DDS

Meikai University

NeoBiotech USA

The Nicholas Endowment 

Nobel Biocare USA

Osteo Science Foundation

Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS ’76, MPH & Richard T. Corgel

Margaret C. Quon, MS, DDS ’68 & Ronald Quon

RAND Corporation

Ray America, Inc.

Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc.

Rodo Medical, Inc.

Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund

Dorothy W. Schick

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

Straumann USA LLC

Western Dental Services, Inc.

XDR Radiology (Cyber Medical Imaging, Inc.) 


$50,000 to $99,999

3M Company

A-dec, Inc.

American Association for Cancer Research

BioMaterials America, Inc.

BURST Oral Care

C3 Jian, Inc.

California Society of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation

Colgate-Palmolive Company Early Research Oral Care Group

Naomi L. Ellison, DDS ’81 & William J. Ellison

David A. Haake, MD

David C. Han, DDS, MS ’02, E ’02 & Doris Han

KAEL-GemVax Co., Ltd.

Robin H. Kim

Stephen Y. Lee, DDS ’75 & Tracy Lee

Daniel E. Levin, DDS ’75 & Patrice S. Punim, DMD, O ’81

Ronald S. Mito, DDS ’76, FDS RCSEd & Millicent K. Mito

Mason C. Oong, DDS ’73 & May H. Oong

Howard H. Park, DMD, MD, OS ’98 & Anne Park

No-Hee Park, DMD, PhD & Yu Bai Park

The Plastic Surgery Foundation

Qatar Foundation

Thomas J. Rauth, DDS ’73, MSD & Patricia A. Rauth

Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation

Sun Medical Co. Ltd.

TA Instruments

Robert G. Vig, DDS & Louesa L. Vig

VITA North America

Jane M. Weintraub

Stuart C. White, DDS ’68 & Liza C. White

Felix C. Yip, MD & Mildred Yip


$25,000 to $49,999

Academy of Osseointegration

Sam Alawie

American Academy of Implant Dentistry Research Foundation

Anatomage Inc.

Aramco Services Company

Argen Corporation

Jonathan K. Armstrong, PhD

Thomas R. Bales, DDS, O ’76 & Suzanne H. Bales


Bisco, Inc.

Leonardo Carlos F. Bordador, DMD, MS ’06, O ’06

CalComp Graphic Solutions, LLC

Jae M. Chang & Hyun J. Chang

Brian C. Cheng, MD, OS ’04 & Hoang L. Ma, DDS ’03, MS ’03

Rennie Cheung, DDS, MD, OS ’99

Tony Y. Chung, MD, DMD, OS ’94 & Julie Chung

Coltene Whaledent Inc.


Alan A. Esla, DDS ’95, MD, OS ’01

Eurodent, Inc.

EY Foundation

Vacharee B. Fell, DDS & Gordon A. Fell, MBA

Leslie R. Fish, DDS ’82, OS ’87 & Marla S. Fish

Susan C. Fredericks, DDS ’81, MPH & Jeffrey Ploussard

Gabriel Gabbaypour, DDS ’96, MD, OS ’02 & Natali Gabbaypour

GC America Inc.

Jason S. Gim, DDS ’03, MS ’03, E ’05 & Hyun S. Gim

Michael J. Gunson, DDS ’97, MD, OS ’03

David S. Han, DDS ’91, O ’02

Henry Schein, Inc.

Agi Hirshberg

Barney M. Hom, DDS, O ’82 & Candice Hom

Intra-Lock USA, Inc.

J Morita Corporation

Keystone Dental

Kevin N. Kieu, DDS ’88 & Audrey M. Nam

Enoch S. Kim, DDS ’06, MS ’09, O ’09 & Kaitlyn J. Kim, DDS ’06

Jone Kim, DDS ’94, MS ’96, OS ’98

Joseph S. Kim, DMD, GP ’92 & Nadia No

KLS Martin L.P.

Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.

Chong J. Kwon

David Y. Lee, MD, MPH, MBA & Miki M. Nam, DDS ’83

Samuel C. Lee

Carlos H. Letelier, MD, DDS, OS ’96

David Z. Li, DMD

Jung Lim, DDS ’02, MS ’02

Mark S. Lisagor, DDS ’73, PD ’77 & Terri E. Lisagor

Thomas S. Maring, DMD, MD, OS ’96 & Susan Maring, DDS

Maxicare Research & Educational Foundation

Yen P. Miao, DDS, MS, O ’04 & Angela M. Chow, DDS, PO ’08

Thomas R. Michaelis, MD, DDS ’95, OS ’01

David G. Milder, DDS ’86, MD & Theresa T. Milder, DDS ’86

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation


Barbro S. Osher & Bernard A. Osher

Chong Park, DDS, MSD

Eric T. Phelps, DDS ’01, MS ’01, O ’03 & Suzanne Phelps

Philips Oral Healthcare

Vladimir Polyakov, DDS ’89, OS ’93 & Inna E. Polyakov

Richard J. Rauth, DDS ’09, MS ’11, E ’11 & Ashley Rauth

Shawn S. Reese & Patricia E. Reese

Gerald P. Roodzant, DDS ’79 & Janice M. Roodzant

Berge Roubinian, DDS ’73 & Rosa M. Roubinian

Salma Salimi, DDS ’90, PD ’92

Elliot P. Schlang, DDS ’74 & Setha E. Schlang, JD

Schutz Engel Trust

Mitra Simanian, DDS ’96 & Mayer Simanian

Bruce Y. Todoki, DDS, OS ’92

UCLA Orthodontic Alumni Association School of Dentistry

Nick Valvano

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

Jen-Kuei Wang, DDS, E ’08 & Ellen Peng

Russell I. Webb, DDS ’78, OS ’81 & Kathleen L. Webb

Jack A. Weichman, DDS, JD & Geraldine M. Weichman


$10,000 to $24,999

3M Unitek Corporation

American College of Prosthodontists

American Dental Association

Kathryn A. Atchison, DDS & C. Bryce Benjamin


John Beumer, DDS, P ’77 & Jan Beumer

Carol A. Bibb, DDS ’78 & John D. Bibb, MD

Alicia Bleier

Mo A. Budak, DDS ’74 & Renee L. Budak

Michael W. Burke, DDS ’86 & Suzonne M. Burke

Dong L. Chang & Jung C. Chang

Hwa Sung Che, DDS, MS ’08, O ’09 & Su Bim Nam

Hae Won Choi

Robert M. Cuenin, DDS, MS ’90, O ’90 & Marina Cuenin

Delta Dental of Wisconsin

Dentatus USA, Ltd.

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties

Designs for Vision Inc.

DoWell Dental Products, Inc.

John P. Ducar, DDS ’87 & Julia R. Ducar

Diane L. Edge, DDS ’83

Richard J. Ewing, DDS ’79 & Jeanne A. Ewing

Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation, Inc.

Leslie R. Fish, DDS ’82, OS ’87 & Marla S. Fish

Forest-One Company

Kevin R. Frawley, DDS ’81 & Elaine M. Frawley

Susan C. Fredericks, DDS ’81, MPH & Jeffrey Ploussard

Frontier Dental Laboratories Inc.

Fujifilm Corporation

Alain G. Gabbay, DDS & Myra R. Gabbay

Geistlich Pharma North America, Inc.

General Scientific Corporation

John W. Given, DDS, OS ’80 & Margaret D. Given


Thomas Hirsch, DDS

Robert R. Hollman & Joan Hollman

Gregory A. Hong, DDS ’86 & Rosellen D. Hong, DDS ’86

Yeumin C. Hong, MS ’11, O ’11 & Steve S. Lim

Mo K. Kang, MS, PhD ’00, DDS ’01, E ’03 & Vivian Hwang

Kerr Corporation

Reuben H. Kim, DDS ’03, PhD ’08 & Amy Kim

Gregory J. Kolber, DDS, E ’10 & Ruth Kolber

Ming B. Kou

Ming S. Kou & Chen L. Kou 

Paul H. Krebsbach, DDS, PhD & Margaret Krebsbach

Sora Lee, PhD, ’00, O ’02 & Jae Y. Lim

John Lombardi, DDS ’86 & Deborah H. Lombardi

Los Angeles Education Partnership

David C. Lu, DDS ’78 & Christine Lu

Larry S. Luke, DDS, O ’87 & Barbara R. Luke

Robert L. Merin, DDS ’70 & Barbara A. Merin

Ryan J. Monti, PhD, DDS ’06 & Amy K. Monti, DDS ’00

Stephen T. Moriguchi, DDS, PD ’80 & Susan A. Moriguchi

NatureMedic LLC

Gary S. Niu, DMD, O ’88, PO ’89, MS ’90 & Ginny S. Niu

Jimin Oh, DDS, O ’05 & Charlene Oh

Steven K. Okamoto, DDS ’84, GP ’85, AP ’88 & Cheryl B. Okamoto

On Line Design, Inc.


Pacific Dental Services, Inc.

Cheol-Ho Paik

Quality Aspirators, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Orthodontics

Salvin Dental Specialties, Inc.

Brian J. Saunders, DDS, PD ’00 & Lisa Saunders

Peggy Schaefer

Nancy S. Schort, DDS ’77 & Donald R. Schort, Jr., MS, MBA

Bradley G. Seto, DDS, MSD, GP ’79 & Marla P. Seto

Robert E. Sheffield, DDS ’95, PO ’98 & Cristie I. Sheffield, MBA

Ki-Hyuk Shin, MS ’92, PhD ’95 & Hye-Kyung Shin

Thomas N. Sims, DDS ’72 & Karen Sims

Smartfish AS

Southern Implants, Inc.

Rick S. Takahasi, DDS ’87 & Janet L. Yamate-Takahashi, DDS ’86

Henry H. Takei, DDS, MS & June Takei

The Timing, Inc.

Kang “Eric” Ting, DMD & Chia Soo, MD

UCLA American Student Dental Association

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Robert Williams, DDS

Eva M. Wong

Raphael P. Yeung, DDS & Jane C. Yeung

The Ying Family Charitable Foundation

Robert Yu & Shirley Yu

Zimmer Dental, Inc.


$5,000 to $9,999

Academy of Operative Dentistry


Acteon, Inc.

Align Technology, Inc.

Ralph D. Amado

American Academy of Orofacial Pain

Kevin Andrus, DDS ’09, MS ’09 & Emily Andrus

Todd M. Arndt, DDS ’97 & Sandra Arndt

Brian J. Asbury, DDS ’09 & Jacy D. Asbury

Paul A. Attanasio & Traci Swartz

Ann Azama, DDS, PD ’86, MS ’87 & Randall J. Lee, MD, PhD

Kathleen M. Bales, DDS, O ’05, MS ’06

Baron G. Barnett, DDS ’73 & Barby Barnett

Tina M. Beck, DDS ’07

Samuel S. Berro, DDS ’80

John S. Bettinger, DDS ’68 & Joan Q. Bettinger

Ronald J. Bills, DDS ’72

Stephen M. Blain, DDS, PD ’73, MPH

George W. Brazeal, DDS ’77 & Angela T. Brazeal, DDS ’77

Lisa D. Brennan, DDS ’77, PD ’77 & Albert E. Cosand

David M. Butsumyo, DDS ’84

Manuel A. Carin, DDS ’89 & Cynthia A. Carin

Stan Chang & Adeline L. Chang

Nadia Chugal, MPH, DDS ’88, MS ’90

Cleft Palate Foundation

Kay N. Cooney, DDS ’84 & Robert V. Cooney, PhD

Jacob D. Cragun, DDS ’08, MS & Celeste Cragun

DentalEZ Group

Michele J. Dimaira, DMD, MS ’95 & Louis A. Dipede, DMD

Brent Downs & Le'Ann Downs

Stevan P. Dumas, DDS ’80 & Julie A. De Lilly, MD

Donald F. Duperon, DDS & Donna J. Duperon

James R. Eckstein, DDS ’90, MD & Karla Eckstein

Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation

Foundation for Oral-Facial Rehabilitation

Jose L. Flores, DDS ’85 & Angelica Flores

Emanuel Gottlieb, DDS ’80 & Jennie F. Lewkowicz

Peter H. Gray & Diane Gray

Frank D. Grossman, DDS ’76, GP ’78 & Barbara L. Grossman

Thomas J. Han, DDS ’82, P ’84, MS ’85

Health Professionals Insurance Services

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children

Eugenio G. Herbosa, DMD, OS ’88 & Carol T. Herbosa

Edmond R. Hewlett, DDS ’80, AP ’03 & Mona Schlater-Hewlett

Takashi Hirai

Bryan J. Houlberg, DDS ’08

Brian C. Huang, DDS, GP ’04, CERT ’07

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products

Joseph J. Jou & Lydia K. Jou

Jumar Corporation

Juris A. Kauls & Laura J. Kauls

Hedi Kermani, DDS ’95 & Michael Kermani, MD

Bernice T. Ko, DDS ’92, E ’95

Philip J. Kroll, DDS

Jack A. Kurtz, DDS ’76

Lauder Foundation, Inc.

Leonard A. Lauder & Judith E. Glickman Lauder

William P. Lauder

H. Grace Lee, DDS ’02

Janice S. Lee, DDS ’94, MS ’98 & Pete J. Curran

Jonathon E. Lee, DDS, PO ’00

Emily Q. Letran, DDS ’93, MS ’93

Gerald E. Longhurst, DDS & Susan M. Longhurst

Jerry K. Maa, DDS ’84 & Rebecca Maa

George A. Maranon, DDS ’83 & Melanie J. Gullett, DDS ’83

Charles T. Maupin, DDS, E ’09 & Stephanie Maupin

Midmark Corporation

Matthew Miller

Jun Miyata

Lynda A. Molstad, DDS ’03 & Joseph J. Molstad

Kathleen R. Mulligan, DDS ’83 & Kevin Mullany

Newly Weds Foods

Dominic Ng & Ellen Wong

Daniel D. Nguyen, DDS ’03, MS ’08, O ’08

Douglas Nguyen, DDS

Son Nguyen, DDS

Russell D. Nishimura, DDS ’86, GP ’87, AP ’89 & Lori I. Nishimura

Kathleen J. Nuckles, DDS ’81 & Richard J. Hoard, DDS

Opal Orthodontics

Lawrence H. Ota, DDS ’78 & Anita K. Ota

James R. Peoples, DDS, OS ’88

Michael B. Pickard, DDS ’02, MS

Ana M. Planells, DDS ’01, PD ’04 & Lorenzo Zampighi

Corina Ramirez, DDS, PD ’06 & Robert Ramirez

Rene R. Rivas & Dora G. Rivas

Brandon G. Seto, DDS ’08 & Jeri Seto

Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital

Karl A. Smith, DDS ’81

Ha Na H. Song, DDS, MS ’11, O ’11

Salvatore G. Souza, DDS ’89 & Shari Souza

Spectrum Lasers Inc.

Speed System Orthodontics

Stacy Medical Center, Inc.

Gregory W. Staffon, DDS ’84 & Michelle R. Staffon

Richard G. Stevenson, DDS ’86

Max D. Swancutt, DDS ’77 & Nancy L. Swancutt

Midori B. Tachibana, DDS ’06, E ’08

Donald W. Tang & Jean Tang

Clark K. Taylor, JD & Colleen P. Taylor, DDS

Sotirios Tetradis, DDS, PhD & Sarah M. Dry, MD

Thong Family Trust

John A. Tomaich, DDS ’96, MD

Kenneth C. Trabert, DDS & Lynn R. Trabert

Ultralight Optics, Inc.

US Orthodontic Products

Greg Vaughn, DDS, O ’01 & Paola Leone

Rosa A. Verni

Gregory Werner, DDS ’09

Sam B. Whang & Sue J. Whang

Shane N. White, DDS, MS ’90, AP ’99, E ’99 & Sharon M. Kyomen, DDS ’88, E ’90, MS ’93, AP ’93

David T. Wong, DMD, DMSc

Rick K. Yamada, DDS, MD, OS ’86

Homer S. Yen & Juanita Chiu


$2,500 to $4,999

American Orthodontics

B&L Biotech USA

Bego USA

Bessemer Trust


Harry C. Brown, DDS ’82 & Maria T. Pernice-Brown

Steven T. Bui, DDS ’88 & Annette Bui

California Academy of General Dentistry

California Dental Association

Paulo M. Camargo, DDS, MS ’91, MBA, FACD & Aracely Aguiar, DDS

Casey Chen, DDS, PhD & Beth Chen

Chris Chen & Angela K. Young

Bernard M. Churchill, MD & Margaret R. Churchill

Wanda I. Claro, DDS, MS ’87, PO ’87 & Vaughn A. Woodruff

Kay N. Cooney, DDS ’84 & Robert V. Cooney, PhD

Rajneesh K. Dail, DDS ’04, PD ’06 & Sunderpal S. Dail, DDS ’99, AP ’02


Mary A. Ditto, DDS ’76 & Frank Becker

Dolphin Imaging Systems

Forestadent USA

Earl G. Freymiller, DMD, MD & Lucy C. Freymiller

Matthew B. Hall, DDS ’71

G. Hartzell and Son Inc.

Barbara A. Grace, MPH, DDS ’82 & Charles A. Grace

Richard J. Halpin & Hilda L. Halpin

Paul A. Heimberg, DDS

Gary N. Herman, DDS ’73 & Esta A. Herman

Jerald M. Hong, DDS ’75 & Candis L. Hong

Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Scott W. Huseth, DDS ’83 & Sandy Huseth

Kent Hwang, DDS ’96

Keisuke Iida, DDS

John Jow, DDS ’76 & Barbara Uenaka

Stephen S. Kallaos, DDS ’95 & Cristina Reyes Fan

Andrew J. Kapust, DDS, PO ’96 & Elizabeth A. Kapust

Kerr Endodontics

Roger S. Kingston, DDS ’71 & Katherine V. Kingston

Perry R. Klokkevold, DDS, GP ’87, P ’94, MS ’95 & Adriana Klokkevold

Roger L. Lent, DDS ’73 & Brenda J. Lent

Robert A. Lindemann, DDS, MS ’85 & Ulla E. Lemborn, MS

Charles C. Low, DDS ’86, PD ’88 & Brenda Q. Low

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Renate Lux

VJ Lyons

Sanjay M. Mallya, BDS, MDS, PhD & Sarita Mallya

Richard A. Mandel, DDS ’70, OS ’73 & Phyllis M. Mandel

Harold M. Matheson, MBA & Madonna C. Matheson

Wayne T. Matsuura, DDS ’79

Patrice McGillivray

Edward A. Mc Laren, DDS, AP ’90

The Medical Protective Company

Meisinger USA

Meta Biomed, Inc.

Walter Michajlenko, DDS, MD, OS ’97

Dennis D. Miller, DDS ’79 & Tamara Miller

Kharen Minasyan, DDS ’04

George A. Moraga, DDS ’90 & Leticia C. Moraga

Steven J. Niethamer, DDS, PD ’79

Steven K. Okamoto, DDS ’84, GP ’85, AP ’88 & Cheryl B. Okamoto

David M. Okuji, DDS ’79 & Cindy Okuji

Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies

Pac-Dent International, Inc.

Eleanor R. Padnick, DDS ’80 & Glenn A. Padnick, JD

Philip R. Peters, MBA & Agnes S. Peters

Robert L. Pike, DDS ’68 & Alana L. Pike

Nathan Podkaminer & Jane Podkaminer


Gregory K. Rabitz, DDS, PD ’03 & Mary D. Rabitz

Straty Righellis, DDS ’71 & Mary L. Righellis

Kirk J. Robertson, DMD, PD ’04 & Jessica L. Robertson, DMD, PD ’06

Megan K. Rustad, DDS ’07 & Tregg Rustad

Deema M. Saad, DDS ’10, GP ’10

Frank S. Seo, DDS ’84, MPH, MBA & Hyun J. Seo, MBA

Tota Shimizu, DDS

Southern California Academy of Endodontics

Edward N. St. George, DDS ’70 & Gerda M. St. George

Gregory Y. Sue, DDS ’79, PO ’85, MA & Julie I. Sue, DDS ’84

Synchrony Financial

James A. Tamborello, DDS ’70 & Joyce A. Tamborello

Marty H. Thurston, DDS, O ’85, MS ’86 & Lori C. Good-Thurston, DDS

Christine T. Tram, DDS ’94 & Kenneth K. Tram, MD

Patrick K. Turley, DDS ’75 & Patricia E. Nartallo-Turley, DDS, PD ’94

United Concordia Dental

Hongnga T. Vo, DDS ’00, P ’04 & Quang Thai

Sophia L. Wen

Westwood Village Rotary Club Foundation

Woodland Hills Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Mark D. Zajkowski, DDS ’93, MD


$1,000 to $2,499

Katherine Ahn, DDS ’93 & PD ’95

Charles J. Altmann & Natalie Altmann

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Applied Dental

John S. Asano, DDS ’85 & Staci Asano

David M. Avenetti, DDS ’10, MSD, MPH & Crystal Patton-Avenetti

Charles J. Avila, DDS ’98, AEGD ’99 & M. H. Charlene Castro, DDS ’97, AEGD ’98

Arnold R. Balber, DDS ’80 & Ilean Balber

Robin H. Berrin, DDS ’75 & Susanne Leitner

Thomas J. Bigley, DDS ’87, GP ’88 & Elaine C. Bigley

Gene D. Block, MS, PhD & Carol K. Block

Krisena F. Borenstein, DDS, MS ’11, O ’11

Mark S. Bowles, DDS ’94, GP ’95

Brett C. Brazeal, DDS ’06

Linda Brogmus-Segal, DDS ’86 & Peter S. Segal

Cain, Watters & Associates

California Association of Vietnamese American Dentists

California Dental Society of Anesthesiology

Lisa Campbell

Cesar D. Capio & Rosemille S. Capio


Carestream Dental LLC

Fermin A. Carranza, DDS & Rita M. Carranza

Christopher W. Carrington, DDS ’84

John R. Carter

Jonathan D. Chang, DMD, PD ’13

Andrew Chin, DDS ’96 & Stephanie T. Chin

David A. Chin, DDS, PD ’83 & Lisa Q. Chin

William Chin, DDS ’72 & Grace M. Chin

David Cho

Eunha Cho, DDS ’03, PD ’05

Lisa Y. Park Choi, DDS ’94

Michael Chow & Eva C. Chow

Jean Chu, DDS ’82

Anna Chukhman, DDS ’00, AEGD ’02 & Andre Chukhman

Kathleen L. Clemans, DDS ’79 & David Mc Donald

Mickey S. Coffler, MD & Dayana N. Coffler, DMD

Colgate Speakers Bureau

Mary C. Cooke, DDS ’02 & Gary Awai

Paul G. Corcoran, DDS

Frank B. Cortez, DDS ’83

Matthew S. Cowman, DDS ’93

Larry B. Crawford, DDS ’84 & Levonia Crawford

Robert C. Daby, DDS ’72 & Lori Daby

Mark A. Da Re, DDS ’85 & Susana Da Re

Laurence A. Darrow, DDS, PD ’82 & Janet Darrow

Joseph L. Dautremont, DDS ’82 & Laurel A. Dautremont

Mary Delsol, DDS ’83 & Daniel P. Dobon

Denovo Dental, Inc.

Dental Sense LLC

Donald M. De Vincenzi, DDS ’77 & Kristin B. De Vincenzi, DDS ’77

Patrick H. Dillon, DDS ’70

Charles R. Dobeck, DDS ’79 & Sharon H. Dobeck

The Donell C. Fisher Trust

Laurene K. Duke, DDS ’84 & Scott D. Montgomery

Exactech, Inc.

Alan L. Felsenfeld, DDS ’74 & Shirley E. Felsenfeld

Robert S. Fenster

Sydney M. Finegold, MD

Ronald Fink

Ronald K. Fliss, DDS ’70 & Karen M. Fliss

Neal E. Fong, DDS ’80 & Pauline C. Fong

Juan M. Font

Stephen C. Francis, DDS ’84 & Carrie L. Francis

Daniel N. Galaif, DDS ’87 & Barbara I. Shubin-Galaif

Robert E. Gandin, DDS ’75 & Mindy Gandin

Neal R. Garrett, DDS & Debbie A. Garrett

GE Money Americas

Setareh Ghafouri, DDS

Sam Gilani, DMD, P ’87, MS ’88 & Lily Gilani

Jeffrey M. Goldstein, PhD, MBA

Timothy M. Gomez, DDS ’86 & Cheryle L. Gomez

Mallory L. Gompert & Chris Negrin

Joseph W. Gray, DDS ’84 & Roberta Gray

Grube Hesperia Inn

Duane B. Hagadone & Lola Hagadone

Randall W. Halliday, DDS, OS ’76 & Cheryl L. Halliday

Arthur R. Hand, DDS ’68 & Maija I. Mednieks, PhD

Randall K. Harwood, DDS ’74 & Deanna R. Harwood

Lawrence J. Hashimoto, DDS ’85 & Stacy T. Hashimoto

Eddie K. Hayashida, DDS ’76

Heraeus Kulzer

Hermanson Dental Services Inc.

Reyna Hernandez

Robert T. Higashiyama, DDS ’80 & Gail R. Higashiyama, EdD

Carl M. Hillendahl, DDS ’79, GP ’80 & Deborah A. Hillendahl

Hillside Dental Group

Dan P. Hilton, DDS ’85 & Deborah K. Hilton

James Y. Ho

Paul H. Hoang, DDS ’08, MS ’11, O ’11 & Kim Hoang

Thomas M. Hood, DDS ’83

Alan F. Horn & Cynthia Harrell-Horn

Bonita C. Hornstein, DDS ’83

Mai-Phuong N. Huynh, DDS ’01, CERT ’04

Invisalign Itero

Martin B. Jackman, DDS ’84 & Roxanna Jackman

Scott Jacks, DDS & Marsha K. Jacks  

Gary B. Jacobsen, DDS ’76 & Karen Jacobsen

George E. Janeway, DDS ’70 & Lynn M. Janeway

Philip R. Jen Kin, DDS ’74 & Shirley M. Jen Kin

Frederick L. Johnston, DDS ’75

David L. Jolkovsky, DDS, MS ’89, P ’89 & Ann Jolkovsky

Beth E. Kailes, DMD, PD ’01 & Steven B. Kailes

Gary K. Kanemura, DDS ’81 & Liza I. Kanemura

Ellen Kashan

Mark N. Katz, DDS ’88

Lindon K. Kawahara, MD, DMD & Debra I. Kawahara

Samuel A. Keesal & Elizabeth Keesal

Andrew C. Kim, DDS ’95 & Quy N. Kim, DDS ’95, PD ’97

Jin Y. Kim, DDS, MPH, P ’98 & Kyung H. Choi, DDS

Paul S. Kim & Ae Jong J. Kim

Sangjae Kim

Kathryn Kinder & Steve McDonald

Dennis K. Kinoshita, DDS ’69 & Laura Kinoshita

Gary N. Kitazawa, DDS ’72 & Antoinette Kitazawa

Kool Smiles

Kuraray America, Inc.

Daniel T. Kus, DDS ’77 & Mary H. Kus

Maurina L. Kusell, DDS ’79, PhD & Michael D. Zigelman, MD

Barbara J. Lack, DDS ’76 & Walter J. Lack, JD

John D. La Joy, DDS ’83 & Jo Ann La Joy

Victoria R. Lamb

Kevin G. Landon, DDS ’74 & Edith A. Landon

Niklaus Lang & Bich H. Lang-Hua

Nghiem T. Le, DDS ’03

Peter V. Le, DDS ’90 & Bich-Thuy Hoang, DDS ’90

Clara M. Lee, DDS ’98, PD ’00

Mike Lee, DDS ’02, PD ’06 & Joanne Lee

Teresa J. Lee, DDS ’07

James P. Lefever & Karen H. Lefever, MA, PhD

Brett P. Lent, DDS ’07, MS ’07 & Shana L. Ballow

Stephen D. Levine, DDS & Jacqueline F. Levine

James H. Lim, DDS & Teresa Lim

John R. Linstrom, DDS ’98 & Julianne M. Linstrom

Jenwei Liu

LK Dental Studio, LLC

David M. Ludwig, DDS ’89

Duy T. Ly, DDS ’09 & Ngoc Nguyen, DDS

Raymond J. Mangigian, DDS ’80 & Shannon B. Mangigian

Vasilios I. Manousiouthakis, PhD & Evangelia Manousiouthakis

Paul Marciano

Ivan A. Marks, DDS ’05, MD

Kenneth R. Marti, DDS ’78 & Joan R. Marti

I. Richard Massoth, DDS, PhD ’80, MSD & Lise LaFlamme, DMD, MSD

M C M Interiors

Elizabeth G. McNabb, DDS, O ’75 & Robert Elster

Jack C. Melvin, DDS ’80 & Sharon Melvin

Robert Merrill, DDS, MS ’94 & Lawana Merrill

Richard B. Miller, JD & Teresa A. Miller

Mis Implants Technologies, Inc.

Robert M. Miyasaki, DDS ’86 & Cathy A. Miyasaki

Larry A. Moe, DDS ’74

Mitra Mogharabi, DDS ’90 & Abbas Ardehali, MD

Lynda A. Molstad, DDS ’03 & Joseph J. Molstad

Mark L. Monson, DDS ’85

William W. Morgan, DDS ’73 & Teresa Morgan

Jaime D. Moriguchi, MD & Julie S. Moriguchi

Wilson S. Morishita, DDS ’74 & Mayumi S. Morishita

Raymond S. Murakami, DDS & Mary Murakami

Robert E. Murphy, DDS ’79 & Susan D. Murphy

George Naidus, DDS ’71 & Sharon Naidus

Arthur T. Nakahara, DDS ’87

Kenneth Y. Natsuhara, DDS ’82 & Karen H. Natsuhara

Calvin T. Nguyen, DDS ’05

Legiang T. Nguyen, DDS ’89

Peter S. Nguyen, DDS, PD ’15

Tin-Hoang Nguyen, DDS ’82 & Cynthia P. Diep, DDS ’89

Tuan H. Nguyen, DDS ’01 & Quynhmai Nguyen

Arthur Nimmo, DDS, AP ’83 & Susan S. Nimmo, MPH ’81, DDS ’85

Gary U. Okamoto, DMD, PD ’88 & Beverly Okamoto

Larry A. Okmin, DDS ’71 & Linda S. Okmin

Rees M. Olson, DDS ’02

Peter O'Malley & Annette Z. O'Malley

OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.

Ortho Classic

Orthopli Corporation

Katsuhiko Otsuki

Mark M. Ozaki, DDS ’83 & Ann H. Ozaki

Panadent Corporation

Neal P. Patel & Jasleen N. Patel

Paritosh R. Patel, DDS ’98 & Gita Patel

Pearl Insurance Group, LLC

Oscar M. Pena, DDS ’99 & Anabelle Pena

Sharon Phamduong, DDS ’04, GP ’05

Piezosurgery Incorporated

Karen S. Potter, DDS ’07 & J. Sean Dumm

Jeffrey R. Prager, DDS ’78

Premier Dental Products

Elizabeth Rae

Mark J. Redd, DDS ’97, P ’00 & Heather E. Redd

Reliance Orthodontic Products

Jeffrey Richards

Joseph G. Rimio, DDS ’76

Nadine M. Ritter, DDS ’91

Leon Rossman, DDS & Marcia S. Rossman

Frederick B. Ruby

Robert R. Ruby, DDS, PD ’82 & Lorraine Ruby

Jose A. Sanchez, DDS ’95 & Joelle Sanchez

Christine Santoro

Jonathan R. Savage, DDS ’09

William W. Savage, DDS ’74 & Cynthia Savage

Ned L. Savide, DDS ’77, PD ’77 & Deanne Savide

Jerry M. Schneider, DDS, OS ’79

Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS ’05 & Amy Schoenbaum

Harry C. Schwartz, DMD, MD & Mei-Ling Schwartz, MPH

Melvin Sembler & Betty Sembler

Norman Senzaki, DDS ’79 & Susan Senzaki

John C. Shafer, DDS ’78 & Carol Shafer

Peter Shea

Vivek Shetty, DDS & Christina M. Floegel

Steven Y. Shiba, DDS ’93

Melissa V. Shing, DDS ’07

Brian K. Sibbald, DDS ’73 & Katherina R. Sibbald

Richard S. Silvera, DDS ’72 & Andreia Minasian, DDS ’88, MS ’13

Mark W. Slater & Rhonda Slater

Colby S. Smith, DDS ’08, AEGD ’09 & Stacie Smith

Snap On Optics

Burton R. Sobelman, DDS ’74 & Laurie D. Sobelman

Space Maintainers Laboratories

St. Andrews Foundation

Steven F. Stanley, DDS ’85, AP ’85 & Gisella Zimmermann

Charles E. Stratton, DDS ’74 & Nina A. Muzzini-Stratton

Evan H. Strauss & Kymberly Strauss

Eugene Sugita, MPH, DDS ’83 & Julie Sugita

Kenneth G. Szymanski, DDS, PD ’76 & Patty Szymanski

Tekscan, Inc.

TePe Oral Health Care, Inc.

Ticket to Smiles

Tops Software

Philip A. Trask, DDS & Janet Schulman

Treloar & Heisel, Inc.



$1,000 to $2,499 cont.

Ray Tsuyuki, DDS ’78 & Alice R. Tsuyuki

UCLA Friends of Pediatric Dentistry

Lorese G. Vandemark, DDS ’96, GP ’97 & Heidi D. Vandemark, MPH

Alvaro I. Vasco, DDS ’75 & Dawn L. Vasco

Cindy Ventuleth

Glen L. Warganich-Stiles, DDS ’99

Joel Weaver & Barbara Weaver

George Weinstock & Erica Weinstock

Western Los Angeles Dental Society

Curtis E. Wiggins, DDS, PD ’76 & Cynthia Wiggins

Stephen D. Willens, DDS ’77 & Alana K. Willens

Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance

Ronald G. Wolf, DDS & Sheila Wolf

David J. Wolfe, DDS ’79 & Joanna Wolfe 

Lawrence E. Wolinsky, DDS, P ’86 & Amerian D. Sones, DMD, MS ’85, AP ’83

Carol Wong, DDS ’91, MS ’91 & Kevin S. Sawchuk, MD

Regina S. Wong, DDS ’88 & Richard J. Phillips, DMD, AP ’87

Ronald C. Woo, DDS ’80 & Karen T. Woo

Robert S. Wylie, DDS ’79, P ’81 & Christina V. Wylie, DDS ’81

Steve T. Yabuno, DDS ’80 & Vicki Yabuno

Richard M. Yamamoto, DDS ’74 & Sue Yamamoto

Teresa K. Yang, DDS ’83

Stanlake K. Ye, DDS, MS ’89

Nelson T. Yen, DDS ’99, MS ’02, P ’02 & Linda Yen

J. Dennis Yeomans, DDS ’68 & Linda F. Yeomans

Jeonghee Yi, PhD

Audrey J. Yoon, DDS ’04, MS ’08, PO ’08 & Joseph S. Yoon

Wesley N. Young, DDS ’75 & Dianne T. Young

Lawrence Zeng, DDS ’08 & May Yang


$500 to $999

David C. Adams, DDS ’87, PO ’90, MS ’93

Eddie M. Alazraki, DDS ’88

Altmann Financial, Inc.

The American Academy of Periodontology

Thomas F. Armstrong, DDS ’80 & Karen A. Armstrong

Bank of America Practice Solutions

Roy M. Beam, DDS ’95 & Lynn Diaz, DDS ’95

Lisa E. Beck-Uhl, DDS ’89 & Kyle Uhl

Michael R. Becker, DDS ’74

Rod M. Blenderman, DDS ’88 & Grace M. Blenderman, DDS ’88

Kerry A. Booth, DDS ’75

William L. Boyer, DDS ’82 & Susy Boyer

Danielle Q. Cao, DDS ’06

Son Cao, DDS ’98 & Pauline Cao

Peter L. Ceccotti, DDS ’75

Naren Chelian, DDS ’06

Nancy N. Chen, DDS ’10

Lillian Cheng, DDS ’04

Michael A. Clarke, DDS ’75 & Gail E. Clarke

Cohen Law Firm, PLLC

Gayle A. Cornella

Russell F. Coser, DDS ’84 & Julie H. Coser

Lindsay A. Costantino, DDS ’10, AEGD ’12 & Andrew Wong, MD

Kathleen A. Coutts

Katherine J. Curry, DMD

John T. Czochanski, DDS ’88

Grace E. Delgado

Dental Services Group

DOCS Education

Michael K. Dote, DDS ’00

Kweon Doyoung

Charles L. Duchscher, DDS ’73

Robert L. Duell, DDS ’79

Richard H. Duong, DDS ’08

E.A. Beck and Company

David A. Eikrem, DDS ’74 & Pamela Eikrem

Vincent Estrada

Jeremy I. Factor, MPH, DDS ’03 & Pauline Factor

Ronald J. Fair, DDS ’79 & Diane E. Fair

R. Kent Farnsworth, DDS ’70 & Jain Farnsworth

Sherry Faust, DDS ’78

Gary S. Finer, DDS ’80 & Gina B. Finer

Elliott H. Fishlyn, DDS ’75 & Laura A. Green, JD

Christopher Fountain

Michele L. Frawley, DDS ’06

Howard M. Freedman, DDS ’90

Robert Friedman & Shari Friedman

Norman D. Fuller, DDS ’90

Mary Furnas

Rogelio M. Garcia, DDS ’12 & Lisa Wahl

George Bush Presidential Library Foundation

Sona K. Gill, DDS ’11, PD ’13

Juan M. Gonzalez, DDS ’76 & Bertha R. Gonzalez

Richard L. Grabowsky, DDS ’75, PD ’77 & Peggy L. Grabowsky

Great Lakes Orthodontics

Kenneth D. Greenstadt, DDS ’74, PD ’80 & Jean M. Greenstadt

Frank P. Gussman, DDS ’72 & Roberta Gussman

Ruth Harai

Robert H. Harry, DDS ’76

Holmes Hendricksen & Christine L. Hendricksen

Elsa W. Hernandez, DDS ’07

Marc D. Herrera & Julia E. Herrera

Stephen E. Hjelt, JD & Cheryl Hjelt

Dean Ho, MS, PhD & Sarah N. Ahn, MS, PhD

Paul G. Hoffman, JD & Sue C. Hoffman

Kari Ann Hong, DDS ’03

Marcus Horwitz, MD & Helene L. Des Ruisseaux

Julie J. Hsieh, DDS ’95 & David T. Chang, MS, PhD

Scott Jacks, DDS & Marsha K. Jacks

Son Eun Jeong

Anahid Jewett, MPH, PhD & Keith B. Jewett

Carl T. Jones, DDS ’10

Christine L. Jung, DDS ’08, E ’11 & Tae S. Chung

Robert F. Kamansky, DDS ’73 & Anne D. Kamansky

David S. Kao, DDS ’04

Kerr Manufacturing Company Division of Sybron Corporation

Andrew C. Kim, DDS ’95 & Quy N. Kim, DDS ’95, PD ’97

Jinhyeong Kim

Jung H. Kim, DDS ’09

Sung-Hee Kim

Michael A. Kory

Tomoko Kurotani, DDS

LA Lens

Kenneth S. Lam, DDS ’77 & Vivian W. Chui

Giancarlo A. Lauriente, DDS ’05, PD ’07 & Irma Perez Martinez, DMD, MS ’09, PO ’09

Clarice S. Law, DMD, PO ’98, MS’ 00 & Ian M. Eyre

Monique L. Leblanc, DDS ’84

Grace Lechner

Hao-Fu Lee, DDS, MS ’07 & Greg S. Yen

Mike Lee, DDS ’02, PD ’06 & Joanne Lee

Douglas S. Lew, DDS ’90, GP ’91, AP ’93

Warren N. Lieberfarb, MBA & Gail G. Kamer

Mark B. Lieberman, DDS & Janice B. Lieberman

Randy Q. Ligh, DDS ’78

John E. Lofthus, DDS ’85 & Laura L. Lofthus, DDS ’85

Christian C. Lopez, DDS, PD ’04 & Jane R. Lopez

May C. Louie, DDS ’82 & Benson T. Au, DMD

Eduardo L. Lugo & Irma Covarrubias-Lugo

Douglas W. Lui, DDS ’85

Duy T. Ly, DDS ’09 & Ngoc Nguyen, DDS

Tracey L. Lysander, DDS ’84 & Richard E. Lysander

Donna J. MacMillan

Richard M. Maitin, DDS & Harriet Maitin

Emily R. Mangohig-Wenzel

Dominic Marino

Maurice K. Masliah, DDS ’81 & Mary L. Masliah

Donna L. Massoth, DDS ’83

James F. Mattson, DDS ’78 & Ruth A. Mattson

Stephen J. Mc Auliff, DDS, MS ’75, O ’76 & Beth Mc Auliff

Jared D. McCune, DDS ’02

Kathleen A. McMullin Stambaugh, DDS ’84 & Roger Stambaugh

Med Pro Group

Stephen P. Merritt, DDS ’76, GP ’78 & Nancy H. Merritt

Becky Milici

Nicolle M. Miller, DDS ’03 & James Wolfe

Lilyann Mito

Marisa Mito

Ken T. Miyasaki, DDS, P ’88

Anne K. Montagne, DDS ’86, PD ’86 & Francois R. Montagne

Michael C. Montgomery, DDS ’80

Lenny W. Naftalin, DDS

Daniel S. Nam, DDS

Stephen E. Needle, DDS ’73, OS ’74 & Marilee Needle

David S. Neil, DDS, PO ’05 & Alisa Neil

Melanie Nesbit

Gloria N. Nollie, DDS ’75

Ormco Corporation


Osstell, Inc.

Young Mi Park

Wendy J. Parker-Harris, DDS ’83

Paritosh R. Patel, DDS ’98 & Gita Patel

Selma M. Pierce, DDS ’80 & Bud C. Pierce, PhD, MD

Flavia Q. Pirih, DDS, PhD ’06

Promega Bioscience Inc.

Quick Ceph Systems

Christine L. Quinn, DDS, MS & Greg Miguel

Lisa R. Quinn, DDS ’81 & Paul Quinn

Francisco J. Ramos-Gomez, DDS, MS, MPH

Red River Financial Group, LLC

Robert S. Rhodes, DDS ’83 & Mary W. Rhodes

Straty Righellis, DDS ’71 & Mary L. Righellis

Maria Elena Rodriguez, DDS ’00, AP ’03

Shiva Roghani, DDS ’95, PD ’97 & Reza Asachi

Walter Rong

Ross Orthodontic

Ruby & Rochon Pediatric Dental Practice, Inc.

Roberta Z. Rule, DDS ’79

Elena S. Rumack, DDS ’02, PD ’05 & William A. Rumack

Gail T. Sakamoto, DDS ’82 & Paul I. Sakamoto

Donald H. Salk, DDS & Ruth F. Salk

Bruce Sanders, DDS

Jeanette M. Savala-Kern, DDS ’89 & Kevin S. Kern

Manuel A. Savedra, DDS ’74 & Tammy W. Savedra

Ned L. Savide, DDS ’77, PD ’77 & Deanne Savide

Janet Y. Schrodi, DMD, PD ’03 & Yann Schrodi

Boris Schwartzman, DDS, AP ’79

Robin A. Sera, DDS ’84 & F. M. Sera

Steven J. Shaevel & Gail B. Shaevel

Daniela R. Silva, DDS, MS

Ronald L. Singer, DDS, PD ’81

Chad W. Smart, DDS ’96, O ’98 & Maria C. Smart

Brian M. Smith, DDS ’70 & Carolyn D. Smith

Lloyd N. Smith, DDS ’72

Thomas O. Smith, DDS ’94 & Hollen Y. Smith

Marc A. Solomon & Lauren A. Solomon

Jeongmin Song

Vladimir W. Spolsky, DMD & Saundra C. Spolsky

Janet F. Statman, DDS ’80 & Joseph I. Statman

Martin R. Steigner, DDS ’73, PD ’75 & Carlyn D. Steigner

Robert J. Stella, DDS ’76 & Eloina Stella

Theron A. Stout, DDS ’02, PD ’04 & Audra Stout

Paul J. Styrt, DMD, MPH, MS ’88, PO ’88 & Stacey L. Styrt

Nichole H. Sun, DDS ’04, MS ’07, O ’07

Robert P. Thye, DMD, MA & Joan F. Thye

Loc Tran, DDS ’98 & Amy T. Tran, DDS ’99

Nini C. Tran, DDS ’09, PhD ’12, PD ’14 & Yang S. Tran, MS, PhD

Taylor S. Trowbridge

Mark E. Truman, DDS ’01, O ’03

Kelvin A. Tse, DDS & Cynthia L. Weideman, DDS, PD ’94

UCLA School of Dentistry Class of 2013

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Universal Orthodontic Lab, Inc.

Kenneth D. Uslan, DDS ’70 & Julia Z. Uslan

Adian Valdez

Anthony T. Vlahiotis, DDS ’75 & Zoe Vlahiotis

Benjamin Walline, DDS, MD, OS ’07

John Wang, DDS ’10

Michael Whang, DDS, P ’06 & Sunny Whang

Julie Whang, DDS, MS ’10, O ’10

Yair Y. Whiteman, DMD

Holly T. Wieber, DDS ’77 & Charles F. White, MD

Mark A. Wiest, DDS ’77


Jay Williams & Carlene Williams

Dennis W. Wong, DDS ’96, PD ’98

Robert L. Wong, DDS ’73 & Leona T. Wong

Wood & Delgado General Partnership

Suzanne Wood

X-Nav Technologies, LLC

Mark K. Yamamoto & Lynn F. Yamamoto

Richard M. Yamamoto, DDS ’74 & Sue Yamamoto

Jeffrey Y. Yamashiro, DDS ’88 & Joyce M. Yamashiro

Shervin K. Yazdi, DDS ’94, PD ’96

Chunyi Yin, DDS, MS ’04 & Xuetao Liu

Alice Yoshinaga 

Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

Lindley M. Zerbe, DDS ’12 & Laura Zerbe

Sol M. Zira, DDS ’77


$300 to $499

Azadeh Ahmadi-Ardakani, DDS ’08

Fangyu C. Ai, DDS ’05

Troy K. Aikman

Affinity Insurance Services

Tina Azin, DDS ’97 & PO ’00

Marius P. Badea, DDS ’88 & Kimberly Badea

Lance C. Bautista, DDS ’92, PD ’02 & Elizabeth Bautista

Lynda J. Benedetto, DDS ’93 & Terry P. Benedetto

Theodore Berg, DDS & Virgina G. Berg

John A. Berude, DDS ’74 & Kim A. Berude

Pedram Bina, DDS ’06

Boyd Industries

Rochelle D. Burdette Mcalpin, DDS ’82

Sonny H. Burias

Chuck Carlson

Angelle M. Casagrande, DDS, MD, OS ’00

Daniel W. Cassarella, DMD, MS ’11, O ’11

Tamara L. Campion, DDS ’84 & Douglas S. Campion

Centrix, Inc.

Joseph W. Chang, DDS ’75, GP ’76

Luanne S. Chang, DDS ’94, MS ’97, PO ’97

Eric K. Cheung, DDS ’08

Lai Chun C. Cheung

Vina Chin, JD

Mi Y. Chung, DDS ’06


Jenifer I. Coburn, PhD

Keith W. Cowhey, DDS ’09 & Brittan Cowhey

James J. Crall, DDS, MS

Robert E. Darnell, DDS ’79

Gayle W. De Boom, DDS ’78 & Robert J. De Boom

David A. Delgado, DMD, PD ’11


Victor J. Diamond, DDS, MS ’94 & Lorraine Diamond

Brad Downs & Theresa Downs

Bryan L. Dunn, DDS ’93

Janine L. Dunn

Steven K. Ertel, DDS, GP ’81 & Lynn K. Fujimoto, DMD, PD ’81

Thomas D. Faber, DDS ’02

William P. Fell, DDS ’68 & Miriam S. Fell

Traci R. Fernandes, DDS ’94

Howard M. Freedman, DDS ’90

Glenn P. Frial, DDS ’83 & Carmela Frial

Joseph B. Gordon, DDS, O ’77 & Nancy R. Gordon

Thomas Griffin

Geoffrey A. Groat, DDS ’74 & Candy Groat

David L. Guichet, DDS ’86 & Jacinthe M. Paquette, DDS ’86

Christoph F. Haar, DDS, O ’92

Ken M. Harada, DDS & Jane H. Harada

Keith A. Harrison & Patricia J. Harrison

Arina V. Hartunian, DDS ’11, PD ’15

Hartzell Instruments

John P. Haydel & Laura H. Haydel

Peter C. Honey, DDS ’72

Richard L. Jacobson, DMD, O ’81, MS ’83

Thomas E. Jones

Jerome S. Kamei, DDS ’76

Kim B. Keller, DDS ’93 & Sheree Keller

Rex Y. Kido, DDS ’85 & Janice K. Kido

Jean L. Kilian

Andrew C. Kim, DDS ’95 & Quy N. Kim, DDS ’95, PD ’97

Carol Y. Kim, DDS ’08

Paul Y. Kim

Tae Weon Kim

Scott A. Kissinger, DDS ’93 & Maureen K. Kissinger

Brian Kline

Catherine M. Kruljac, DDS, PO ’03

Vijendra V. Kumar, DDS ’82

Madeleine E. Kurrasch, DDS ’75, M ’79

Gilbert Y. Kwong, DDS ’75

Yiu Kay Kwong

Ernest M. Lai, DDS ’08

Casey K. Lau, DDS ’02

Gary W. Lau, DDS ’07, MS ’10, O ’10

David B. Lee, DDS ’99

Brian Lehigh, MS, DDS ’16

Allen J. Levesque, DDS ’83 & Lisa Levesque

Roger R. Li, DDS ’87 & Denise T. Li

William W. Lin, DDS ’90 & Wen-Hui L. Lin

Carrie L. Loewen, DDS ’09, PD ’11 & George Martinez

Ed Loonam

Linda D. Lott, DDS ’74, PD ’76

Darwin F. Lum, DDS ’83

Kaustubh K. Marathe, DDS ’03

Robert W. Magnuson, DDS ’77

Bruce A. Massee, DDS ’79 & Mary C. Massee, MD

Kathy Massoudi, DDS ’93 & Andrew Iraniha

Chanel N. McCreedy, DDS ’10, PD ’12, MPH & Oscar Silva, MD

Virginia E. Meek, DDS ’76

Diana V. Messadi, DDS

Norma A. Miranda, DDS ’76

Aaron D. Molen, DDS, MS ’08, O ’08 & Melody A. Molen

Francisco Mondragon, DDS ’98, AEGD ’99 & Michelle Leon-Mondragon, MD

Myofunctional Research Co. USA, Inc.

Martin S. Nahigian, DDS ’74

Junko Narushima

Cam T. Nguyen, DDS ’93

Daniel Nobel, DDS ’06, PD ’08 & Ariana Nobel

Michelle Okamoto, DDS ’13

Kalu Onwuka & Nena E. Onwuka

Pair Ortho

Elizabeth Y. Pak, DDS ’92 & Eric J. Wong, MD

Dharmini Pathmanathan, DMD, PO ’10

Joshua C. Perisho, DDS ’12 & Jennifer Perisho

Stephen J. Pothier, DDS ’71

Solomon Poyourow, DDS ’07, MD & Monica Poyourow

Pro Mac

Propel Orthodontics

Juliana P. Quas, DMD

Andrew A. Rastegar, DDS ’05

Robert V. Reznicheck, DDS

Steve L. Rivetti & Lauri I. Rivetti

Shiva Roghani, DDS ’95, PD ’97 & Reza Asachi

Christopher Roncone, DDS ’96 & Tinou T. Roncone, DDS ’96

Kenneth H. Sakurai, DDS ’85 & Diane Sakurai

Sheldon K. Salins, DMD, MS ’07, O ’07

Marc P. Salomone, DDS ’73 & Bettina Salomone

Deyanira Sanchez

Eric Sanchez

Ashley P. Schaaf, DDS, PD ’10 & David Schaaf

Richard J. Shamo, DDS ’08

George B. Shinn, DDS ’74

Jewel M. Simpson, DDS ’78

Lee J. Slater, DDS ’75 & Kristy Slater

Douglas L. Smith, DDS ’75 & Sherri J. Smith

Stephen F. Smith, DDS ’70 & Kriseda Smith

Stuart B. Smith, DDS ’76

Thomas O. Smith, DDS ’94 & Hollen Y. Smith

Idan Snapir, DDS ’98

Stephen R. Snow, DDS ’81 & Carol W. Snow, DDS ’81

Daniel J. Sones, DDS ’92, AEGD ’93 & Kim A. Sones

Sue S. Spackman, DDS ’83 & Paul Spackman

SS White Burs, Inc.

Marwood M. Stout, DDS ’88, OS ’92 & Mary R. Stout

Gabriel L. Swiney

Qaneta R. Syed

TDO Software

Karen Tippy-Tate

Thompson Y. Tom, DDS ’84 & Linda Mori

Vivian Tom, DDS ’91 & Elbert Tom, DDS

T.P. Orthodontics

Kim-Dung T. Tran, DDS ’02

Lawrence S. Trudgeon, DDS ’72 & Sharon T. Trudgeon

UCLA Dentistry Class of 2012

UCLA Dentistry Class of 2017

Bob Uenaka & Kathlynn Uenaka

Paul J. Vanderheyden, DDS ’84 & Lucia Cleveland

Anita Varzi, DDS ’90 & Michael Akhavan

Alma M. Vilkas-Stockus, DDS ’80 & Raymond Stockus

Hongnga T. Vo, DDS ’00, P ’04 & Quang Thai

Lynn G. Wan, DDS, PD ’89

Ayesha R. Waseer, DDS ’11, AEGD ’12


Mark E. White, DDS ’78

Thorpe R. Whiteman, DDS ’69

Roger R. Yang, DDS ’89 & Lisa L. Yang

Fariba S. Younai, DDS

Alexander K. Yuen, DDS, MS ’95, O ’95

James J. Zahrowski, DMD, O ’87, MS ’89 & Sally Zahrowski


$299 and below

20/20 Financial Advisers of San Diego LLC

Mike P. Adams, DDS, O ’77 & Kathleen A. Adams

Bijan Afar, DDS ’86 & Shirin Afar

Tareq M. Afifi, DDS

Tara L. Aghaloo, MD, OS ’00, PhD

Harry F. Albers, DDS ’77

Brianna Aldrich & Jonathan Aldrich

Andrew B. Alexan

David A. Altman, DDS ’78 & Judy I. Altman

Amgen Foundation Inc.

Arbi Ananian

Sara Anjum, DDS ’15

Paul S. Avolese, DDS ’85 & Linda M. Ashmore

Kia Azin

Eric B. Barajas, DDS ’85

Nasi Barcohana, DDS ’98, PD ’00 & Babak R. Bamshad

Sheila L. Barron-Jacobs, DDS ’80 & Steven M. Jacobs

Suzanne P. Berger, DDS ’76, PD ’79

Robert T. Bergman, DDS, MS

Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics

Thomas J. Bigley, DDS ’87, GP ’88 & Elaine C. Bigley, DDS

Anne W. Birnbaum, DDS ’76

Shiva H. Borukhim, DDS ’13, PD ’15

Mitchell S. Bronson, DDS ’77

Andrew Buchanan

Thanh-Ha Bui, DDS ’90

Bart Burtton

Ervin B. Calvo, DDS ’06

Marilyn R. Calvo, DDS ’79 & John Kritch

Bruce T. Campbell, DDS ’78

Susan E. Cane, MA, DDS ’13

Yangpei Cao, DDS, MS ’14

Carestream Dental

Joseph Carlisle & Jane Carlisle

Sarah Carson

Raul G. Castellanos, DDS ’78 & Priscilla P. Castellanos

Paul R. Cavigli, DDS ’75 & Dixie H. Cavigli

Steven Chan, DDS, PD ’81 & Suzanne Chan

Jose G. Chaname, DDS ’75 

Christopher H. Chen, DDS ’11

John S. Chen, DDS ’12

John U. Choi, DDS, PhD & Hijae Choi

Russell E. Christensen, DDS & Judy Christensen

Diana J. Christie, DMD, MBA

Howard Chu, DDS, MS ’15

Brianna M. Claypool

Daniel J. Cohen, DDS ’87 & Judith M. Cohen

Larry Cohen, DDS ’78 & Ilene G. Cohen

Gregory Costopoulos, DDS ’91, MS ’91

Ronald L. Cox, DMD, OS ’75

John M. Crestetto, DDS ’90, GP ’91 & Sharon Kay

Thomas Danos, DDS ’69, MS ’81, M ’82 & Sharon H. Danos

Andrew J. Darwin & Katerina H. Darwin

Van A. Dastur, DDS ’93 & Nariman M. Dastur

Matthew J. Davis, DDS, PD ’07, P ’07 & Alynda Davis


Jessica R. De Bord, DDS ’07

Jorge M. De Paz Rodriguez & Kaori Misuno, PhD

Elaine S. Deroode, DDS ’03

Eric H. Dixon, DDS, PD ’03 & Stephanie L. Dixon, DDS ’01, PD ’03

Gordon H. Dixon, DDS ’75, PD ’78 & Cathie Dixon

Quyen B. Do, MS, DDS ’96

Anna I. Dongari-Bagtzoglou, DDS, MS ’90

Shahrzad Sami Dowlatshahi, DDS, PO ’05 & Habib Sadeghi

Jim H. Dreyfuss & Beth W. Dreyfuss, PhD

Anne M. Eavis, DDS ’76

Engineered Endodontics, LLC

Julio Escobar

James M. Everhart, DDS ’77 & Sherrie Everhart

Donald W. Fisher, DDS & Gloria W. Fisher

Jun Royce M. Flores, DDS ’08, P ’11

Bruce B. Fogel, DDS ’70 & Marilyn Fogel

Gary L. France, DDS ’76

Jane Fransella, MBA

Furness & Associates

Martha A. Galaviz, DDS ’93

Jesus C. Galvan, DDS ’74 & Kathryn R. Galvan

Emilio E. Garcia, DDS ’85

Mario G. Garibotti, DDS ’98

Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop

James D. Garol, DDS ’73 & Barbara J. Garol

Ann J. Mc Garvey, DDS ’77

Steven Gasparian

Chad C. Green, DDS ’12

Lawrence K. Green, DDS ’79

Richard C. Grossman, DMD & Joyce G. Charken

Alexis J. Gutierrez, DDS ’06

Tracy C. Hagan, DMD, PO ’01 & Joseph P. Hagan

Farshad I. Hakim, DMD, O ’79 & Shirley A. Hakim

Enborg B. Halle, DDS ’71

Nathan M. Hansen, DDS ’11

Douglas J. Harrington, DDS ’96, PO ’99 & Edith M. Pallencaoe, DDS ’00

Phillip A. Harrison, DDS ’12

Marc R. Hayashi, DMD

Jennifer C. Hearne, DDS ’00

Helse Ultrasonic

Angela Hewlett-Bloch

Rene A. Hewlett

Todd L. Hillyard, DDS, PD ’02 & Julie Hillyard

Darrin J. Hirt, DDS ’94, MS ’96, PD ’96

John Q. Holcomb, DDS ’80 & Dana J. Grenier, MD

Stanley Holt

Gene L. Householter & Janet M. Householter

Nelson Y. Howard, DDS ’86

Shen S. Hu, MBA

Mohammed A. Husain, DDS & Amna Husain

Kim T. Huynh

Christine Hwang, DDS, PD ’13

Irvine Children's Dentistry

Jay Jayanetti, DDS

D. Barton Johnson, DDS & Judie A. Johnson

Michael T. Johnson, DDS ’75 & Bette Johnson

Samantha B. Jones, DDS ’09, MD

Robert W. Jungman, DDS ’12

Rhonda Kalasho, DDS ’15

Jerry Kang & Sung Hui Kim

Betsy G. Kaplan, DMD, PD ’98

Matthew S. Kaufman, DDS ’11 & Lauren Kaufman

Bruce K. Kawaguchi, DDS ’76 & Judy H. Kawaguchi

Katsumi K. Kawakami, DDS ’76 & Jean Kawakami

David S. Keen, DDS, AEGD ’00, MS ’04

Lakshmyya Kesavalu & Kala Kesavalu

Seiichiro Kita, DDS ’92 & Keiko Ohashi

Sylvia Knox

Stella B. Koletic, DDS, PD ’87 & Miroslav Koletic

Peter G. Kremp, DDS ’84 & Maria E. Kremp

Ryan M. Kriwanek, DDS ’09 & Rebecca L. Hart, DDS ’06

Brad Kroeker

Steven B. Kupferman, MD, OS ’07

Jin Hee Kwak, DDS, MS ’12, O’13

Dora Lee, DDS ’00, MPH

Min Lee, DDS, PhD

Peter Joohak Lee, DDS ’09

Priscilla G. Lee, DDS ’81 & Dennis K. Chan, DMD

Randy T. Lee, DDS ’91

Yvonne S. Lee, DDS, PD ’12

Michael Leizerovitz

Paula C. Levy, DDS

Yanhong Li

Edward Y. Lin & Amy Y. Lin

Jillian Lin

Lisa Lindsay-Schuelka

David H. Lindsey, DDS ’15

Honghu Liu, MS, PhD

Kevin C. Lu, DDS ’12

Raymond C. Lubberts, DDS, MS ’81, O ’81

Robert J. Luszczak, DDS ’90 & Lorraine B. Luszczak

Matthew D. Macginnis, MS ’12, O ’12

Miles Madison, DDS ’89 & Isabel Madison

Randall L. Malan, DDS ’88 & Paula J. Malan

John W. Mamer, PhD & Susan A. Mamer

Lauren N. Manfred, DDS ’09

Richard I. Manwaring, DDS ’09, PD ’15

Robert Marcus

Sharareh S. Marhabi, DDS ’09

Erik F. Martinez

Salina R. Massei, DDS ’14, MPH, PD ’16

Afsaneh Matin, DDS ’94

Fariba Matinfar, DDS ’96, P ’99, MS ’01

Ira R. Matloff, DDS ’78 & Natalie F. Matloff

Bari J. Mattes

Kirstin Ty McCarville, DDS, AP ’12, MS ’13

Ryan W. McComb, DDS, MS ’13, O ’13

Armen Megerdichian, DDS ’91

James D. Meinert, DDS ’93 & Laura L. Mansouri-Meinert, PhD

Geralyn M. Menold, DDS ’83 & John T. Menold

Donald B. Mikami, DDS ’72 & Patricia Mikami

Edward M. Mikowicz, DDS ’78

Parvaz F. Mizrahi, MPH, DDS ’04

Julio E. Monroy, DDS ’75, M ’88

Kristie L. Moomey

Won Moon, DDS, P ’91, O ’91 & Miran Moon

Andrew Moore

Jacob H. Moreno, DDS ’83

Motionview Software, LLC

Anthony M. Mumolo, DDS ’71 & Alice Mumolo

Mary M. Murakawa, DDS ’86 & Eric J. Lew

Frederick L. Nason

John D. Neuenswander, DDS ’84 & Becky Neuenswander

Bich-Ngoc T. Nguyen, DDS ’77

Duc H. Nguyen, DDS ’00

Jan T. Nguyen, DDS ’91, E ’96 & Paul H. Nguyen

Naomi-Trang Nguyen, DDS ’08

William D. Nguyen, DDS ’97

Amber M. Nierode, DDS ’15

Philip M. Nisco, DDS ’84 & Mary Nisco


Takahiro Ogawa, DDS, PhD

Oral Biotech


John W. Orchard, DDS ’70 & Nancy N. Orchard, JD

Ortho Organizers

Miguel Padilla, DDS, PD ’16

Edna C. Pamaran, DDS ’07, PD ’09

Andrea A. Parada

Hyun J. Park, DDS ’03, GP ’04, MS ’07, O ’07

Laura L. Parker

David J. Parks, DDS ’87, OS ’91 & Cynthia M. Parks

Patterson Companies, Inc.

Anna G. Pedersen

Carey L. Penrod, DDS ’89 & Fawn L. Penrod

Scott L. Peters & Torrey G. Peters

Jeffrey J. Petron, DDS ’84 

Anh T. Pham, DDS ’03

Lee D. Pham, DDS ’06, MS ’06, OS ’12

Joan Pi Anfruns, DMD

Charles R. Pillsbury & Linda A. Pillsbury

Anthony J. Pizza & Rena S. Pizza

Michael S. Pollack, DDS ’06

Morris L. Poole, DDS ’08

Stephen J. Pothier, DDS ’71

Propel Orthodontics

Andrew M. Read-Fuller, DDS ’11, MS ’11

John D. Rego, MD & Deborah K. Rego, JD

Thomas H. Rice, PhD & Katherine A. Desmond

Michael R. Ricupito, DDS, MS ’87, O ’87, MBA & Jana Ricupito

Chris Robertson

Susan Roche, DDS, MS ’97

Matthew V. Ronconi, DDS ’12

Brian J. Rooney, DDS, PD ’11 & Kathy Rooney

Kenneth P. Roos & Jessica K. Beagles-Roos, PhD

Katherine M. Rosen, DDS ’13

Robert C. Rowan, DDS ’07

Harold R. Rush, DDS ’79 & Barbara L. Rush

Conrad J. Sack, DMD, PO ’86, MS ’87 & Kelli Sack

Rodolfo E. Saenz & Sarah Chae

Donald Salem, DDS & Roen S. Salem

San Jose Dental Specialists

Deborah Schmiel

George A. Schneider, DDS ’82, GP ’83 & Debbie B. Schneider

L. Kenneth Schoenfeld

Kumar C. Shah, BDS, MS, FACP

Mary V. Shannon, DDS ’01, PD ’03

Michael L. Sherman, DDS ’92, AEGD ’93 & Liliana Sherman

Michael I. Shnayder, DDS ’03

Greg I. Shvartsman, DDS ’12

Albert R. Silvera, DDS ’97 & Leat Silvera

Smilesoft Solutions, Inc.

John S. Snowden, DDS ’07, AP ’11

Arthur L. Solomon, DDS ’73 & Nancy Solomon

Alfred H. Sporer, PhD & Ruth A. Sporer

Warren A. Steiner, DDS ’72 & Harolla Steiner

Connie M. Steppes

James L. Stevens, MS, DDS ’76 & Faith T. Stevens

Judith L. Stevens

James E. Stich, DDS ’88 & Angela B. Stich

Joel L. Strom, DDS & Holly A. Strom

Shandra Suktalordcheep, DDS ’11

Eric C. Sung, DDS ’90, GP ’91

Sybron Dental

Ephraim J. Tabornal, DDS ’91 & Allison P. Tran, DDS ’91

David J. Taft, DDS ’82 & Amy K. Taft

Arshagouhi Tavitian

Dennis R. Tefft & Paula B. Tefft

Claudia Thomas, DDS ’08

Minh C. Tran, MA, PhD

Tony Treu & Sandra Gattis

Unishippers Global Logistics LLC

Michael T. Vehawn, DDS ’77 & Donna S. Vehawn

Robert J. Virata, DDS ’06

Cun Yu Wang, DDS & Yuelin Wu

John B. Warner, DDS ’71

Hans P. Weber & Cheryl O'Neil-Weber

Kemia O. Wendfeldt, DDS ’11

Joseph E. Wheatley, DDS ’82 & Janine A. Welch, DDS ’84

Roy Wickland & Kathy Wickland

Konita L. Wilks, DDS ’11, PD ’14

Willamette Dental

Douglas P. Williams, DDS ’90, MS ’92 & Sarah L. Williams

Jesse S. Williams & Eleanor M. Williams

Charles L. Wilson, DDS ’76

Stephen R. Wilson, DDS ’91

Isabel Wong, DDS ’11

Jason G. Wong, DDS ’03, E ’07

Michael C. Woods, DDS, MS ’13, O ’13

World Class Technology Corp.

Eric Wu, DDS, O ’07, MS ’10, 

Kimberley W. Wu, DDS, MS ’12, O ’13

Shaul Yehezkel, DDS, O ’01

Bo Yu, DDS ’11, PhD ’15 & Vivian Vu

Yatsing Yu, DDS ’12

Lynelle J. Zabel, DDS ’90

William M. Zanger & Gail Zanger