Section of Biomaterials Science


Predoctoral Program: The Section of Biomaterials Science provides basic didactic coursework to predoctoral students, and advanced courses in materials, biomechanics, and bioengineering to postdoctoral residents. These courses are designed to provide a fundamental understanding of materials science behind contemporary materials used in dentistry, as well as the bioengineering principles behind the modern diagnostic tools and preventive strategies.


The Section also provides interdisciplinary research mentoring to students, residents, and clinical faculty from all divisions in the areas of dental materials, advanced biomaterials, and bioengineering. Biomaterials science is among the key research strengths at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Please visit the Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Biotechnology for a closer look at the exciting research being conducted by our world renowned faculty.

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Victoria Sandoval, Management Services Officer
Phone: (310) 206-8515